Following the death of Navalny, an opposition leader who continued to criticize Russia's Putin regime, in prison, the British government imposed sanctions on the leadership of the prison in northern Russia where Navalny was imprisoned. announced that he had been sentenced.

According to an announcement by the British Foreign Office on the 21st, six senior officials from the prison in northern Russia, located in the Arctic Circle, where Mr. Navalny was imprisoned, were sanctioned, their assets were frozen, and they were barred from traveling to the United Kingdom. It is said to be prohibited.

In response, the British Foreign Office criticized the prison's response, pointing out that ``Mr. Navalny suffered while in prison, being denied medical treatment and forced to walk in -32 degrees Celsius.'' .

Foreign Secretary David Cameron also issued a comment, stressing that ``Russian authorities view Mr. Navalny as a threat and have previously tried to silence him. There is no doubt about Russia's repressive nature.''

In addition, the British government has stated that the Russian authorities have not handed over Mr. Navalny's body to his family, and will request that the body be handed over to the family as soon as possible.