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The intensity of fierce clashes between Palestinian resistance factions and the occupation army escalated in the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Turkman neighborhoods, east of Gaza City, and while the latter expanded its operations in Khan Yunis to the south, things remain the same in the central region.

Military and strategic expert Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi says that the Israeli occupation army is planning to completely remove the Turkmen neighborhood in eastern Gaza, just like what is happening in Juhr Al-Dik in the eastern Central Governorate.

Al-Duwairi added - during his analysis for Al-Jazeera - that the Turkman neighborhood is nearby and supervises the Israeli field command of the 162nd Division, which is responsible for the northern sector, and that there are new roads being built inside the Gaza Strip.

It appears that the occupation is working to build a road parallel to the border fence, and another road to be an alternative to Route 10, which it failed to control, north and south of the Gaza Valley.

He is also building a new road from the south of Gaza Port to Al-Mawasi in the south of the Gaza Strip, parallel to Al-Rashid (Al-Bahr) Street, as well as a new road from Kissufim, east of Khan Yunis, to Al-Bureij in the Central Governorate.

Regarding the operations in the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Turkman neighborhoods, Al-Duwairi said that a battalion was deployed for each neighborhood, revealing that the size of the force indicates that it is for forward fire reconnaissance, which is an operation likely to expand.

Al-Duwairi points out that if the occupation army achieves success there, it will work to develop and expand its operations by increasing the size of the force, before adding that there is a firm Israeli intention to cut off the northern Gaza Strip from the south, and keep two military divisions in the northern Gaza Strip to remain for a long time inside Gaza.

The military expert expects that the coming days will witness violent, intense and decisive battles as part of the occupation's drive to regroup forces, as there are 3 brigades in the northern Gaza Strip, and two brigades in the central region, so the task remains to secure the roads.

On the other hand, Al-Duwairi said that the Al-Qassam Brigades - the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) - reorganized the Northern and Gaza Brigades into 8 brigades instead of 12, in the context of redefining responsibility and defense frameworks and rehabilitating the brigades that suffered strikes during the war.

Regarding the occupation’s entry into several areas of Khan Yunis in recent days, such as the storming of Al-Qarara, Al-Zana, and Al-Mawasi, the strategic expert explains that the Israeli army wants to distract the Khan Yunis Brigade and its defensive capabilities, but it has not been able - so far - to enter the heart of Khan Yunis, which is described as a “black box.” .

Source: Al Jazeera