New District Situation: Look at the bright targets in District 11 and take practical measures

Districts in Guangzhou turn urban development blueprints into action lists

  The drums are beating to urge the expedition, and Guangzhou is striving for spring and setting off again.

  On February 19, following the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government convened a province-wide high-quality development conference on the first working day of the Year of the Dragon, Guangzhou City immediately held a city-wide high-quality development conference, beating the "new war drum" and "second entrepreneurship" "Start again and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development in Guangzhou.

  Yesterday, people from all walks of life who care about Guangzhou's urban development gathered together to launch new plans for the city's high-quality development. At the conference, the main responsible comrades of Guangzhou’s 11th District made a statement, making clear promises, showing hard and practical measures, and actively participating in the high-quality development trend with the people of the city with a striving and hard-working attitude.

Early spring brings Guangzhou to life

  The vast Pearl River water rushes down from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, carrying a huge amount of water vapor on the coast of the South China Sea, creating a warm, open and innovative city - Guangzhou.

  Where rivers and seas converge, spring comes earlier. In February, the land of Guangzhou is already green, vibrant and steaming everywhere.

——See the heart of Guangzhou

  The heart of the city is renewed with energy. As an urban center that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, Yuexiu District is guided by the development of new productive forces, strives to promote new breakthroughs in transformation and upgrading, develops three major advantageous industries: innovative finance, professional services, and fashion commerce, and "ignites" a new engine of high-quality development; Haizhu District Urban industry and the digital economy are flying side by side, seizing new productive forces and stabilizing the pace of high-quality economic development; Liwan District will build a modern industrial system focusing on modern urban industry, with producer services and modern commerce developing together, and activate high-quality Develop new kinetic energy; Zhujiang New Town in Tianhe District is the core of Guangzhou CBD, with landmark buildings refreshing the city skyline. The power source climbs to "high", giving full play to the role of the main position and power source of high-quality development; in Luochongwei area, Huawei The Guangzhou R&D Center (Phase I) has been topped out, the new shore of Guangzhou Bay Area has set sail, and Baiyun District is accelerating the construction of a high-quality development central city.

——Look at the South of Guangzhou

  By the Lion Ocean, the tide is rising. Nansha, the "Heart of the Bay Area", is accelerating its high-quality development. According to the "Nansha Plan", Nansha is given a new positioning to build a major strategic platform based in the Bay Area, cooperating with Hong Kong and Macao, and facing the world, gathering high-end resources, and creating a high-level opening to the outside world. The portal continues to unleash the power and vitality of the city's main position and new engine for high-quality development. Panyu District promotes the deep coupling of "intelligent manufacturing + intelligent core", strives to build an intelligent manufacturing innovation city and a benchmark area for industry-city integrated development, strives to leverage the new growth pole of Shiziyang, and become a hub linking advanced manufacturing industries on the east and west sides of the Pearl River.

——Looking to the East of Guangzhou

  New East, New Guangzhou. A brand-new eastern center is emerging, injecting strong new momentum into Guangzhou to achieve new vitality in the old city and enhance the level of urban development. Guangzhou Development Zone and Huangpu District Economic Zone are taking the lead and are comprehensively improving the linkage level of the "Three Cities and One Island" to build the Knowledge City, Science City, Maritime Silk Road City, and Bio-Island into the growth poles of Guangzhou's industrial development and high-quality development. The driving force of Zengcheng District's "core, display, automobile" and other emerging high-tech industries are blooming everywhere. We will focus on the development and construction of the eastern center to expand space, develop industries, focus on innovation, and strengthen momentum to achieve new achievements and show a new atmosphere. , achieved new breakthroughs.

——Looking at the North of Guangzhou

  New poles, new actions. Huadu District takes on the "new tasks" of Guangzhou's northern growth pole, seizes the "new track" of modern industries, reshapes the "new image" of the aviation hub, draws a "new picture" of urban-rural integrated development, and creates a "new platform" for international opening up. Create a new situation for high-quality development. As the green valley at the top of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Conghua District adheres to the hard principle of high-quality development in the new era. With the "millions of projects" as the overall traction, it seizes time and opportunities to accelerate and strive to It will serve as a demonstration area for green development.

  At the "First Meeting of the New Year" in Guangzhou, each district sent a strong signal of working hard and working together to move forward and strive for high-quality development, making everyone in the city full of expectations.

To seek a region to add color to the overall situation of Guangzhou

  As a city with a history of more than 2,200 years, Guangzhou has a profound and rich history. More than 1,000 years ago, Guangzhou was the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road; more than 40 years ago, it became a hot spot for reform and opening up, creating many "firsts" and leading the trend. The four characters "dare to be the first" have been integrated into City blood.

  Step by step, adhering to the spirit of openness and innovation, Guangzhou continues to move forward. On January 25, 2024, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Statistics announced the economic performance of Guangzhou in 2023. The city's GDP was 3.035573 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.6%. Guangzhou's GDP has exceeded the 3 trillion mark, becoming the fifth 3 trillion city in the country.

  Guangzhou once again stands at a new starting point for climbing higher. There is no doubt that high-quality development is the strongest driving force for our city to continuously advance and continue to reach new heights.

  Guangzhou’s 11 districts together constitute the city’s “one game” and “one picture” of high-quality development. Guangzhou's high-quality development requires each district to contribute its own strength. It can be said that District 11 is stronger than Guangzhou.

  Plan a good area and add color to the overall situation of Guangzhou. At the conference, the main responsible comrades of Guangzhou's 11 districts made a statement, laying out practical and hard measures for high-quality development in each district, clarifying work goals and specific actions, and turning the urban development blueprint into action sheets that extend to each individual. High-quality development is a hot scene.

  Guangzhou, this ancient and vibrant city, supports the dreams and happiness of more than 22 million people and serves the innovation and entrepreneurship of 3.3997 million market operators. Each of us is a part of it and the source of vitality and hope for this megacity.

  The sun and the moon are unwilling to be late, and the four seasons are pressing. Standing on the new starting line, how do we respond to another spring of high-quality development?

  At the conference, the "new war drum" for striving for high-quality development has been beaten. Guangzhou’s future requires each of us to work together. Let us join the tide of high-quality urban development, encourage and contribute to this great city, and work together to create a new future of high-quality development.

  Text/Xiao Guilai, all-media reporter from Guangzhou Daily

Guo Haoyu, Secretary of the Yuexiu District Party Committee:

"Ignite" a new engine of high-quality development with new productivity

  Guangzhou Daily (All Media Reporter Liao Jingwen) On February 19, at the Guangzhou High-Quality Development Conference, Yuexiu District Party Committee Secretary Guo Haoyu said in his speech that in the new year, Yuexiu will resolutely implement the central, provincial and municipal deployments Requirements: anchor goals, unite and work hard, promote regional GDP growth by 4%, fixed asset investment to complete 13.5 billion yuan, an increase of 17%, total retail sales of consumer goods increase by 4%, and use hard work to write a new answer to high-quality development.

  Guo Haoyu said that Yuexiu is oriented towards the development of new productive forces and strives to promote new breakthroughs in transformation and upgrading. "Innovative finance, professional services, and fashion commerce are Yuexiu's three major advantageous industries. Life and health, digital economy, and cultural creativity are the three new tracks on which we are racing for the future."

  Yuexiu will develop four "combinations" of business environment, factor supply, talent services, and investment promotion, and promote the deep integration of the "four chains" of innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, and talent chain. Adhere to "industry-friendly", strengthen "factor support", plant a "talent forest", and highlight "projects are king".

  Guo Haoyu said that Yuexiu focuses on alleviating non-core functions and strives to promote a new energy level in the urban area. We will vigorously promote the renewal of the three major areas, collaborate with municipal state-owned enterprises to explore the best use of land development models, promote the first breakthrough of the five seed plots in the Guangzhou Station area, accelerate the implementation of the renewal planning of the Huanshidong and Wuyang New City areas, and create three major areas for Yuexiu's future development engine. Promote the transformation of urban villages in different categories, start expropriation compensation and the construction of the first development area in Yaotai Village, promote the transformation of Xikeng Village through "demolition, restoration and revitalization", complete the renovation and improvement project of Dengfeng Village, and achieve a higher level of urban-rural integration.

  Yuexiu takes building a people's city as its foundation and strives to create a new model of happy life. We will strengthen the guarantee of "one elder and one child", build a senior care service system that organically integrates "food support, medical care, and health care", increase the supply of inclusive care places, and build 10 child-friendly communities. Promote the improvement of the quality of "one medicine and one education", accelerate the advancement of 16 medical and education projects such as the new campus of the Orthopedic Hospital and the reconstruction and expansion of Dongfeng East Road Primary School, and deepen the construction of a provincial-level demonstration zone for the high-quality development of basic education. We will do a good job in "one article in one" and strengthen the protection and inheritance of historical culture.

Cai Shu, Secretary of the Haizhu District Party Committee:

Implement three-year action to develop new quality productive forces

  Guangzhou Daily (all media reporter He Zuanying) On February 19, Guangzhou held a city-wide high-quality development conference. At the meeting, Cai Shu, Secretary of the Haizhu District Party Committee, said that Haizhu District will resolutely implement the work arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, take the implementation of the three-year action of developing new quality productivity as a breakthrough, and strive to achieve the goal of "working hard for 12 years to rebuild a new Guangzhou". Take the forefront, take the lead, and make contributions. The main goals for economic development this year are: regional GDP growth of more than 6%; fixed asset investment to complete 62 billion yuan, an increase of more than 16%.

  Haizhu District will achieve the above development goals with four "efforts" to build a modern industrial system, create a tropical rainforest-style industrial ecology, optimize scientific and technological innovation mechanisms and capabilities, and boost effective demand.

  This year, Haizhu District will make every effort to build a modern industrial system. With the strong pillar of digital economy, we will build a demonstration area for large model innovation and application, set up a tens of billions of yuan industrial fund, and introduce more than 10 leading companies in large model application. Carefully organize the third Pazhou Algorithm Competition and the Digital Economy Industrial Investment Summit, and continue to build the "Pazhou Algorithm Valley" brand. Shaxi Intelligent Computing Center and Intelligent Computing Alliance were built to achieve a computing power scale exceeding 300P. Improve the level of six major industrial Internet platforms, including Shugen Internet and Zhijing Technology, promote the listing of three platform companies, and promote the upgrade of 30 companies. The region's new generation information technology service industry has grown by more than 25%. We will use urban industry as the foundation, strengthen the "56433" development system, deeply promote the "entry into the park and go upstairs", accelerate the construction of millions of square meters of intelligent manufacturing bases in Xiaozhou and Luntou, and drive the implementation of 15 research and development projects. Using new materials and new technologies as a guide, we will revitalize the Zhongda Textile Business District and build the city's first high-end clothing industrial park. Accelerate the intelligent and digital technological transformation of more than 5 manufacturing enterprises including Mingxing Pharmaceutical, and 8 newly introduced enterprises such as Hutou New Energy will be put into full production. The annual total industrial output value above designated size will increase by 12%, and industrial investment will increase by 10%. Driven by the promotion of the exhibition economy, we will give full play to the leading role of the Canton Fair and extend "exhibition + cultural tourism", "exhibition + consumption" and "exhibition + investment". The annual exhibition industry revenue will exceed 6 billion yuan, driving the revenue of accommodation, catering and other industries to exceed 6 billion yuan. 20 billion yuan.

Liu Chenhui, Secretary of the Liwan District Party Committee:

Strive to accelerate and achieve new leaps in high-quality development

  Guangzhou Daily (All Media Reporter Wu Duo) On February 19, Guangzhou held a city-wide high-quality development conference. At the meeting, Liu Chenhui, secretary of the Guangzhou Liwan District Party Committee, said that in 2024, Liwan District will anchor "regional GDP growth of 5%." Above, the fixed asset investment has completed the goal of 63.5 billion yuan, an increase of 17.6%, and strives to accelerate and achieve new leaps in high-quality development.

  This year, Liwan will build a modern industrial system that focuses on modern urban industry and develops producer services and modern commerce to activate new momentum for high-quality development. Highlight the establishment of modern urban industrial zones based on the real economy, free up industrial land, build a number of high-standard industrial plants, and create a modern urban industrial cluster. Facing the west bank of the Pearl River, vigorously develop producer service industries to form the superimposed advantages of "Western Pearl River Manufacturing + Liwan Services".

  This year, Liwan will accelerate the construction of industrial platform carriers and create a new engine for high-quality development. Relying on the three major platforms of Baietan Business District, Liwan Cultural and Commercial Tourism Vitality Zone, and Hailongwei Science and Technology Innovation Zone, we strive to build 39 carriers of various types with an area of ​​1.7 million square meters this year, and start construction of 20 carriers with an area of ​​1.98 million square meters. Relying on new carriers, we will strengthen investment promotion and strive to introduce no less than 200 projects throughout the year, with an investment of 20 billion yuan and a revenue of 50 billion yuan.

  This year, Liwan will vigorously promote the construction of transportation infrastructure. It is planned to invest 4.2 billion yuan to promote the construction of 36 roads and bridges and the renovation of 155 roads, and strive to complete the completion and opening of 24 roads such as Baietan Avenue to traffic, and complete the renovation of 56 roads including Huabo Avenue.

  This year, Liwan will promote urban renewal in an orderly manner under the leadership of the implementation of the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects". Accelerate the transformation of 5 urban villages that have been approved and are under construction, and start the transformation of 2 villages including Nanzhao Village. Accelerate the advancement of 23 continued construction projects and 35 new construction projects. This year we will complete the renovation of 6 areas including Yaohua Street, and start the construction of 8 areas including Hualin Temple.

  This year, Liwan will go all out to expand fixed asset investment and accumulate new potential for high-quality development. We will make every effort to promote the construction of 154 major investment projects with a total investment of 560 billion yuan, and strive to achieve annual fixed investment of 63.5 billion yuan and industrial investment growth of more than 30%.

Chen Jiameng, Secretary of the Tianhe District Party Committee:

Give full play to the main position and power source of high-quality development

  Guangzhou Daily (all media reporters Chen Junsheng, He Ruiqi) On February 19, at the Guangzhou High-quality Development Conference, Chen Jiameng, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and secretary of the Tianhe District Party Committee, said that Tianhe District will resolutely implement the central and provincial, The city's deployment requirements anchor Guangzhou's high-level pursuit of "vanguard, leader, and locomotive", focus on the goal of "working hard for 12 years and rebuilding a new Guangzhou", and give full play to high-quality development with a high-spirited attitude of "second entrepreneurship" Main position and power source function.

  In 2024, the main economic development goals of Tianhe District are: the total economic volume exceeds 700 billion yuan, with a growth rate of no less than 6%; fixed asset investment exceeds 83 billion yuan, an increase of about 18%, and the total retail sales of consumer goods exceeds 220 billion yuan.

  Chen Jiameng proposed that the first is to promote the "double integration" of industry and technology. Tianhe is in a critical period of transformation and development and competition for leadership. It must do a good job in industrial development to improve energy levels and optimize structure, and lead the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation.

  The second is to promote the "double acceleration" of platform and project construction. Promote the construction of major platforms with dedicated shifts, projects, and differentiation, and promote the early start of early projects, early completion of ongoing projects, and quick results of completed projects to build a spatial development pattern with multi-point support and coordinated linkage.

  The third is to promote the "double improvement" of urban functions and quality. We will promote the “Hundreds and Thousands of Projects” with top priority to promote urban areas with stronger carrying capacity, better functions, and higher appearance. Focusing on key breakthroughs, "one village, one policy" and "one village, one dedicated class" will promote the transformation of 16 urban villages within the scope of major platforms. Land acquisition for urban villages such as Lingtang New Village, Kemulang Village, Jishan Village, and Daguan Village will be launched within the year. Demolition.

  The fourth is to promote the "double promotion" of cadre work style and business environment. Tianhe District resolutely implements the special action to greatly transform the work style of cadres and greatly improve the business environment, firmly grasp the direction of "advance", stimulate the fighting spirit of "doing", and promote the emancipation of minds, the improvement of capabilities, the transformation of work style, and the work of the whole district. With great implementation, we will create a first-class business environment that enterprises can feel, know, and have high satisfaction, so that the market vitality for high-quality development will be more abundant.

  Photo/Guangzhou Daily all-media reporters Mo Weinong and Su Junjie