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Updated Monday, February 19, 2024-19:52

Ximo Puig

has renounced his record as territorial senator representing the Valencian Community, a position he has held since last July 27, due to his future appointment as

ambassador of Spain in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

, appointment which could be approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday.

In a letter sent to the president of the Valencian Cortes, the socialist resigns from the seat granted to him by the Valencian parliament and, therefore, from the presidency of the Budget Commission of the Upper House. "I wish that we continue working from the autonomous communities to transform the Senate into an authentic chamber of territorial representation that helps to better understand the polyphonic diversity of Spain and more adequately addresses the territorial and social cohesion of our society," detailed the socialist in his farewell.

Her steps are identical to those taken last week by

Carmen Calvo

, who left her seat as a representative to be named president of the

Council of State

the next day .

With his move to Paris, Puig distances himself from national politics and, especially, Valencian politics. He resigned his record as a deputy in the Cortes last December and announced that he would leave the general secretary of the Valencian socialists, thus giving the starting signal to a renewal that brings Minister

Diana Morant

to the leadership of the PSPV and that will culminate on March 24 with the election of its Executive. On the first day of this extraordinary congress, the former president of the Generalitat will be honored.

In Paris, Puig will replace

Manuel Escudero

, in office since 2018, and his appointment follows in the wake of others sponsored by Pedro Sánchez and which have served to recognize the work of other socialists in the Government. This is the case of former Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce

Héctor Gómez,

Spanish ambassador to the UN, or former Minister of Education

Isabel Celáa

, Spanish ambassador to the Vatican.

The former leader of the Valencian socialists was also suggested as a possible member of the Sánchez Executive in the Territorial Policy portfolio, which finally went to the Canarian

Ángel Víctor Torres