Gema Peñalosa Madrid


Updated Monday, February 19, 2024-17:40


impunity and violence

of the drug clans in the province of Cádiz continue to leave severe images and situations. After the death of two civil guards after being attacked by a drug boat inside the

Port of Barbate

showed the agents' lack of resources, now a kidnapping in the middle of the street once again reveals the naturalization of violence in the area.

The streets of

Sanlúcar de Barrameda

have witnessed how a drug family forcibly puts a man into a car on the street in broad daylight. The events occurred on Molinillos Street when

one vehicle surrounded another

and some hooded men ran out, amidst gunshots.

The National Police

has opened an investigation

but, in a first photograph, the hypothesis that has the most force is that of a possible settling of accounts between gangs, according to sources of the investigation to this newspaper.

This is the modus operandi that groups dedicated to drug trafficking are using in recent times. After carrying out the kidnapping, the criminals burned

the vehicle

to avoid leaving traces. The researchers have established an extensive search device.

The Jupol union has echoed this kidnapping and has harshly criticized the situation in Cádiz. "It is further evidence that drug traffickers continue to roam freely in the province of Cádiz," which is why they demand that the Ministry of the Interior declare the Special Singularity zone for the entire province and recognize the National Police and Civil Guard as a risky profession. .