Many Americans now believe that Biden is not fit to serve a second presidential term due to his old age (Reuters)

The British newspaper The Telegraph revealed that US President Joe Biden's poor memory and his frequent mistakes in names and places have fueled debate about whether he deserves to run for a second term as a representative of the Democratic Party.

The newspaper added - in a lengthy report - that many Democrats have become angry with their party establishment, which they see as lacking the courage necessary to replace Biden, and that it is burdening them with a single presidential candidate who cannot win, because it is clear that he is old and has a weak memory.

According to the report, former President Donald Trump's team is concerned that the Democrats are preparing to replace Biden with a younger candidate at the party convention next August, noting that Biden's clinging to his job despite all the criticism makes the task difficult to the point that if the Democratic Party wants to nominate someone else for the presidency, it will have to He has to "drag Biden out of the White House kicking and screaming."

The report continued that the issue of President Biden's age, which Democrats previously rejected, has now become an issue that is difficult to ignore, especially with the many lapses of President Biden in his public speeches.

Trump is starting to creep up

What intensifies the pressure is that opinion polls show that Trump has begun to creep to the forefront nationwide, and is leading significantly in swing states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The newspaper reported that some pollsters have begun to notice that a number of individuals who voted for Democrats in 2020 may not do so again. They described Biden 4 years ago as “normal,” “sane,” and “civilized,” but now they view him as a “man.” "Old, sick, and delusional."

These and many others have become convinced that they have fallen into a trap, as Biden was elected in 2020 to end Trump’s era and then step aside, but he is still continuing until now, and is even preparing to confront Trump, who is heading towards winning the Republican Party nomination.

The Telegraph quoted pollster Frank Luntz as saying that 70% of Americans do not want Biden or Trump, and they wonder how a country the size of the United States can have its choices determined only by these two elderly people?

The report quoted journalist Jonathan Martin as saying - in an article in the American newspaper Politico - that Trump is the one who keeps Biden in the game, as Trump unites many against him, and then they only drink Biden so that Trump does not return.

The British newspaper reported that talking about Michelle Obama as an option that might be raised at a Republican Party meeting is an unlikely issue, because her position on candidacy is known to everyone, and she has previously announced that she has always rejected her husband’s candidacy for the Senate and presidential elections.

Therefore, the best option remains - if the theory of overthrowing Biden's choice is correct - in his current deputy, Kamala Harris, knowing that overthrowing Biden assumes that the party will forcibly isolate him, and it can only do so if the candidate is clearly incapable.

Source: Telegraph