China News Service, February 19. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", regarding the reconstruction project of Taipei City's No. 1 Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Wholesale Market, Kuomintang Councilor You Shuhui discovered that former Taipei City Mayor Ko Wenzhe actually " If the next mayor does not increase the budget, it will affect the public security and fire protection of the building. You Shuhui pointed out that Ko Wenzhe's move seriously violated the project bidding regulations and is currently collecting information. After the collection is complete, the case will be considered to be sent to Taiwan's "Supervisory Yuan" for investigation.

  According to reports, the current Taipei City Mayor Chiang Wanan’s Taipei City General Budget was reviewed and approved before the Lunar New Year. Among them, the additional budget for the reconstruction of the fish and fruit market has raised questions from legislators. However, if they do not agree to add floors, there may be public security and fire protection issues, leading to the reconstruction of the entire market. The ____ does not work.

  You Shuhui said that Ke Wenzhe made a "reduced project contract" due to insufficient budget that year. It was originally planned to build 6 floors for the fruit and vegetable market and 8 floors for the fish wholesale market. In the end, he agreed to the manufacturer to build a few fewer floors and only one building each. 5th Floor. She believes that in order to fulfill his political views during the election, Ko Wenzhe failed to follow the procedures for advance planning and asked the manufacturers to build the lower floors first, and then used the public security and fire-fighting facilities that the council and the successor mayor had to agree to. On the grounds of security and other reasons, the government was forced to pass the additional budget.

  You Shuhui pointed out that it is not impossible to reduce project items and award contracts, but the main functions cannot be removed, forcing the next mayor to pay the bill. Especially when she saw the morning meeting records of that year, this reduction of items and contract award was ordered by Ke Wenzhe, which was "acting cheaply". ". Even according to Taiwan's "Public Works Commission" regulations, major projects need to be planned in advance, budgeted, and submitted to the parliament for review. However, this case violated the procedures and resulted in a wholesale market reconstruction "monstrosity" worth almost NT$20 billion. It is almost more expensive than the main project of the Taipei Arena.

  You Shuhui also retrieved a 2017 letter from the Public Works Council of Taiwan’s administrative agency. The letter pointed out that in project bidding cases, there were less than three bidders and the bids were rejected, or the bids were rejected because the quotations exceeded the reserve price or budget. The rejected or rejected bids should be reviewed before re-bidding. The reason is that the budget is insufficient or the design is wasteful, so it is not appropriate to force the bidding again. Even if there is a need to reduce bidding due to budget constraints, the quality and functional requirements of the project should not be affected.

  You Shuhui believes that when Ke Wenzhe attended the groundbreaking ceremony and delivered a speech, he said that he had mixed feelings. He said that when he first took office, he said that he would rebuild the fish and fruit wholesale market, but he "acted cheaply" in order to start the construction. The result was that the Chiang City government was left with a mess to clean up.