The newspaper Il Corrispondente, in an article entitled “Traitors do not live long,” reports that “Kuzminov’s body” was found on February 13 with 12 bullet wounds. Journalists, in particular, refer to an article by the Spanish publication ABC, which wrote that the Civil Guard began an investigation into the death of a “33-year-old Ukrainian,” whose body was found “on a garage ramp.”

As RT previously learned, the criminal case against Maxim Kuzminov, who hijacked a Russian Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine, will be conducted by the FSB.

Kuzminov himself gave a press conference in Ukraine, at which he said that there were two other crew members with him who did not know about the escape plan. After the helicopter landed on Ukrainian territory, they did not want to give up. Kuzminov, who sat in front of reporters wearing a T-shirt with the Ukrainian coat of arms, said they “may have been liquidated.”

The dead Russian soldiers who were in the helicopter were 28-year-old flight mechanic Nikita Kiryanov and pilot-navigator Khushbakht Tursunov.