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Debate in the Bundestag (archive image): Traffic light factions advocate for the delivery of “additionally required long-range weapon systems and ammunition”


dts news agency / IMAGO

The coalition factions want to persuade the federal government to send more weapons to Ukraine with a motion for a resolution in the Bundestag. In a motion for the anniversary of the Russian invasion, which the parliamentary group leaders of the SPD, FDP and Greens agreed in principle on Monday after long discussions, the release of "long-range weapon systems" that enable attacks on strategic targets in Russia is also called for. The aim is to enable Ukraine to carry out “targeted attacks on strategically relevant targets far to the rear of the Russian aggressor”, ammunition depots are given as examples. The paper is available to SPIEGEL. The “Stern” first reported on it.

The application expressly emphasizes that the extent of military aid must be based on the “restoration of the full territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”. “Further efforts are needed not only from Germany, but also from our European partners, so that the people in Ukraine do not remain at the mercy of the war for years, but can end it,” write the traffic light MPs.

However, the “Taurus” system in stock in the Bundeswehr, which Chancellor Olaf Scholz has refused to supply to this day, is intentionally not explicitly mentioned in the application. There are several MPs, especially among the Greens and the FDP, who have been calling for the release of “Taurus” cruise missiles for months. However, she was unable to get her way with the formulation of the application. Allegedly, the Chancellery has influenced the negotiations several times because Olaf Scholz's strategists want to prevent another open conflict within the coalition. However, all three traffic light factions said that the wording does not rule out future Taurus deliveries.

Now it will be exciting to see whether the “Taurus” supporters like Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP) agree to the compromise. Strack-Zimmermann could not be reached for comment on Monday evening. The other members of the Bundestag who had called for Taurus systems to be handed over to Ukraine in recent months also did not respond to SPIEGEL's inquiries. However, it was heard that there would be further discussions between the parliamentary groups about the application on Tuesday.

Pointing a finger towards Ukraine

It was also important to the Greens and FDP to emphasize Ukraine's NATO perspective. The Bundestag welcomes “the creation of the NATO-Ukraine Council and reaffirms the commitment to Ukraine’s full Euro-Atlantic integration and to Ukraine’s future in NATO, which was underlined at the NATO summit in Vilnius.” This is not a promise of a soon-to-be NATO Secretary General, as Ukraine wants. But at least a pointer. The German government and the US government reject Kiev's rapid accession to NATO.

The Bundestag has already increased the funding for military support for Ukraine for 2024 from four to more than seven billion euros. “Germany must take on a role in the reconstruction of Ukraine, which is already underway, that does justice to its economic power and its international responsibility,” the application now states. In the summer, an international reconstruction conference for the country, which was partially destroyed by the war, will take place in Berlin.