According to the girl, her husband had combat experience: in 1994-1996 he served in military service in Chechnya. Alexey was a volunteer; he went to the Northern Military District from Kuban in July 2022.

“He worked on shift before the war. He came with her and confronted me with a fait accompli on the eve of departure,” she said.

On September 8, 2023, the man took part in the battles near the village of Rabotino in the Zaporozhye region as part of the 108th Airborne Regiment. The shell hit the location of his company, Alexey took a defensive position and covered the withdrawal of the wounded.

When the Ukrainians surrounded him, he pulled out the pin and blew himself up along with them. Alexey saved dozens of lives.

“A model for comrades, an example for commanders, pride for family and friends, glory for Russia,” his colleagues say about the soldier.

They are confident that his feat is worthy of a medal, and ask him to nominate him for the award.

Earlier, RT military correspondent Vlad Andritsa told a story about a soldier with the call sign Bhutan, who volunteered to join the stormtroopers, “miraculously survived” and helped restore an accidentally discovered monument to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.