The occupation forces have launched raids on southern Lebanon since October 8 (French)

The Israeli army said that it bombed Hezbollah infrastructure in southern Lebanon with aircraft, and while the occupation authorities closed 4 roads close to the Lebanese border, fears are growing of Hezbollah attacking strategic sites and power outages.

He explained that he bombed targets in the Al-Dhahira area, the party’s rocket launcher in Aitaroun, and infrastructure in Al-Adissa, while Israeli artillery targeted other areas in Lebanon.

The occupation army also announced the closure of 4 main road axes in the Upper Galilee and the areas adjacent to the border with Lebanon. The official Israeli Broadcasting Authority explained that the roads are Malkiya Junction, Yesha Junction, Margaliot Entrance Junction, and Gibor Junction.

The broadcasting authority said that the decision was taken after an assessment conducted by the Israeli army of the situation, without revealing the nature of this assessment or the results it reached.


On the other hand, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that sirens were sounding in Zarait in the Upper Galilee, near the border with Lebanon.

Hezbollah announced carrying out 9 attacks on Israeli gatherings off the Lebanese border and in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

The party said that its fighters targeted the occupation soldiers in the “Even Menachem” settlement, killing and wounding them, and bombed gatherings of soldiers in “Harsh Ramim,” the “Shomera” settlement, the Al-Baghdadi site, and the Tayhat triangle.

In this context, the "Israel Today" website said that the explosion in the Erbil area, near the Lake of Galilee, was caused by the crash of a drone launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon.

The Israeli website added that this drone crashed 30 kilometers from the border, without causing damage or casualties.

He pointed out that the sirens that sounded this morning in Kiryat Shmona, and which the Israeli army later described as a false alarm, were related to this incident.

Israeli fears

On the other hand, Israeli Channel 12 said that the political and military levels are preparing for the possibility of attacking strategic sites and a power outage, in the event that a front is opened in the north.

This channel quoted Energy Minister Eli Cohen as saying that energy facilities are threatened, and that the ministry is working in cooperation with the navy, security forces, and police to protect them.

Cohen added that the government is preparing for various scenarios in the event of a war, including a power outage, as he put it.

Since October 8, the Lebanese-Israeli border has witnessed an exchange of fire between the Israeli army on the one hand, and Hezbollah and Palestinian factions on the other hand, which led to the killing and wounding of many on both sides of the border.

Source: Al Jazeera + Anatolia