Major General Muhammad Bagheri described the conditions in the area as sensitive and dangerous (Reuters)

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, said that the events and developments in Gaza are important and paint a good history for the region and the world, describing the conditions of the region as sensitive and dangerous, as he put it.

During the ceremony of handing over warships to the Revolutionary Guard Navy, Bagheri called for the Iranian Armed Forces to be prepared to confront any possible scenarios, and to take all threats, even if small, seriously.

He stressed that "the war will end with Israel losing, and no party in the world can change this matter," as he put it.

In this context, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced the addition of two warships to its naval fleet, capable of navigating the oceans.

Last Saturday, Iran announced two local systems, one for anti-ballistic missiles, called “Arman,” and the other for low-altitude air defense, called “Azarakhsh.”

The announcement came amid escalating tensions in the region, as Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi group carried out a series of attacks on ships linked to the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel in the Red Sea in a show of solidarity with the Gaza Strip.

Since October 7, 2023, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, leaving tens of thousands of civilian casualties, most of them children and women, in addition to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe and massive infrastructure destruction.

Source: Al Jazeera