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In the news: insecurity in Haiti does not weaken

During a previous demonstration to warn of the insecurity that is paralyzing Haiti, on January 18, 2024 in Port-au-Prince. © Odelyn Joseph / AP

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On Sunday, members of the “400 Marozo” gang opened fire on a minibus traveling from Port-au-Prince to Mirebalais, several local media reported, including

Radio Télé Galaxie

. This happened in Morne à Cabris, not far from the police sub-station, around 1 p.m. Toll: at least ten dead. Passengers but also the bus driver.

The Association of Haitian Owners and Drivers also sounded the alarm last Friday. Armed gangs install “ 

toll booths 

” on the roads and cause an “ 


 ” for drivers and transporters who have no other choice but to continue to practice their profession, denounced the coordinator of this union on



. “ 

All our national roads are taken hostage by bandits

 ,” deplores Changeux Méhu who criticized the behavior of certain police officers who, according to him, are taking advantage of the situation and demanding money from drivers and transporters to accompany them on the roads.

Barriers and barricades to protect yourself

The phenomenon is not new but it has been growing in recent times and above all, it is reaching working-class neighborhoods, says 


 , which has identified around ten of these barriers and barricades at the entrance to several neighborhoods in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, photos and supporting testimonies. Brigades are sometimes even responsible for monitoring entries and exits. You must therefore return home before a certain time. It is restrictive but faced with rising insecurity, “ 

it was our only recourse. We knew we couldn’t count on the police

 ,” explains Steeve Pierre. This member of the committee who installed a barrier in 2019 in Pétion-Ville says he is at peace since the barrier was erected. A feeling that not all local residents share. The barrier “ 

constantly reminds me that there is something wrong. As a result, it makes me more and more anxious 

,” explains Loovensky Chéramy, a student who lives in Croix Desprez and admits to never feeling safe.

Huge demonstration in Mexico

A photo of Zocalo, the largest square in Latin America, crowded with people, makes the front page of

El Universal 

which headlines: “ 

Thousands of people [...] demand that democracy not be destroyed

. » The demonstrators gathered to protest against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's proposed constitutional revision. “ 

A project of authoritarian regression

 ,” denounced the former president of the National Electoral Institute (INE) during this gathering.

The Mexican presidential candidate and the big favorite of the poll has officially registered with the National Electoral Institute. On June 2, she will face another woman, Xochitl Galvez, candidate for a coalition of three opposition parties. “ 

We are leaving macho Mexico behind us

 ,” enthused Claudia Sheinbaum as she left the INE, reports 

La Jornada

. She then outlined her program and pledged to continue the work of the current president. As the daily points out, she also promised not to obey “ 

any economic, political or foreign power


Lula “

persona non grata

” in Israel

In Brazil, Lula's comments regarding Gaza are causing a reaction. On Sunday, on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Ethiopia, the Brazilian president accused Israel of committing a “genocide” of the Palestinians and compared the Israeli offensive to the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis. The diplomatic crisis is deep, underlines 


. Lula is now “ 

persona non grata

 ” in Israel, insists the daily. “ 

We will not forgive and we will not forget

 ” until he apologizes, said the Israeli foreign minister.


largely reproduces the condemnations coming from the Israeli authorities but also the remarks made by Lula. The newspaper insists that the day before, the Brazilian president had condemned Hamas and called for the immediate release of all the hostages. But today, we only remember his comparison between Gaza and the Holocaust. Comments which earned him thanks from Hamas, further specifies




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