China News Service, Taoyuan, February 19 (Reporter Yang Chengchen) "I know about Hanfu because of the popularity of horse-faced skirts in the past two years. I wanted to try Hanfu in the past, but it is difficult to get access to it in Taiwan." Hanfu enthusiasts on both sides of the Taiwan Strait said on the 19th During an offline exchange at the Taoyuan campus of Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, Wang Zihui, a junior student from the school, told a reporter from China News Service.

  This exchange event was organized and organized by the Hanfu Research Institute of the Costume Culture Committee of the Chinese Culture Promotion Association. About 40 young Taiwanese Hanfu enthusiasts signed up to participate. Two expert consultants from the Hanfu Research Institute from mainland China gave lectures, introducing Hanfu culture from the perspectives of historical evolution, dynasty characteristics, clothing categories, makeup styles, etc. There were also more than 10 mainland Hanfu "recommenders" wearing Hanfu from different dynasties. demonstration.

Hanfu enthusiasts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait had an offline exchange at the Taoyuan Campus of Taiwan's Ming Chuan University on the 19th. More than 10 mainland "recommendation officers" dressed in Hanfu from different dynasties gave live demonstrations. Photo by China News Service reporter Yang Chengchen

  At the end of the introduction session, many Taiwanese students tried their hands on Hanfu. Wang Zihui put on a double-breasted coat and skirt with a vertical collar, while her classmate Yang Ziling put on a fluttering scarf and a Taoist robe. The two of them were also thinking about the missing hakama robes, lining robes, curved robes, and robes worn by several mainland "recommendation officers". Brightly colored flying fish suit.

  Tang Houxiang, who is engaged in Hanfu design in Hunan, is one of the teaching experts at the event. He introduced that many people like Feiyu suit because of film and television works, but it is not actually a style of Hanfu, but refers to the decoration on the clothing.

  The organizing team for this event is from mainland China. For more than ten years, they have continuously held Hanfu Culture Week activities in Xitang, Zhejiang, initiated by the famous Taiwanese lyricist Fang Wenshan. Tang Houxiang has been involved in it for ten years. He told reporters that many Taiwanese Hanfu enthusiasts also learned about Hanfu through Xitang, and Hanfu Culture Week has become a cultural exchange platform for lovers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

  "I feel that the information about Hanfu that fans in Taiwan know is slightly behind, and the research and industrial development in mainland China are faster. But this is not a big problem." Tang Houxiang said that this time he went to Taiwan with the mentality of cultural exchange. I believe everyone can feel the enthusiasm of the participants for Chinese culture.

"Recommendation officers" from mainland China gave lectures at the event, and many Taiwanese students experienced Hanfu. Photo by China News Service reporter Yang Chengchen

  On February 21, the 2024 Taoyuan Year of the Dragon Lantern Festival will welcome guests. According to reports, mainland "recommendation officers" who communicate with Mingchuan University students will also participate in the Hanfu Dynasty Carnival performance of the lantern festival. A Hanfu photo area will be set up on site, and activities such as Hanfu parades and Hanfu weddings will also be held.

  "The reason I came to Taiwan to participate in the event is to let more people see the culture of Hanfu." Mao Chaoxi, a Hanfu "recommendation officer" from Yunnan, said, "Although these costumes come from different dynasties, they are all our traditional costumes."

  In the eyes of Taiwanese students, Hanfu based on Chinese culture will definitely gain fans among young people in Taiwan after being promoted. They will also take over the baton of "recommendation officers" and promote it among their friends and classmates.

Hanfu enthusiasts on both sides of the Taiwan Strait exchanged their feelings about clothing. Young people in Taiwan are particularly interested in the details of clothing. Photo by China News Service reporter Yang Chengchen

  "Most young people who come into contact with Hanfu for the first time come with the mentality of watching a Cosplay (role-playing) exhibition. This is normal." Tang Houxiang believes that through understanding, they will gradually gain understanding, "This is fundamentally different from Cosplay. .Hanfu originates from our own culture and is a traditional costume worn by modern people." (over)