Badran: The occupation is experiencing a clear contradiction between its threats to Hamas and its negotiations with it (Palestinian press)

Hossam Badran, a member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), said that the statements made by officials in the Israeli occupation government “are nothing but empty and worthless threats, and express the crisis that the occupation leaders are experiencing” and the contradiction between their statements and the negotiations they are conducting with the movement.

In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera Net, Badran attributed these threats to “the occupation’s major failure to return the prisoners in the hands of the resistance, despite the war entering its fifth month, and the only prisoners who were returned from the Gaza Strip were those who left the negotiation process” during the previous truce.

Israeli War Council Minister Benny Gantz said Monday morning that “Hamas leaders must know that if our kidnappers are not in their homes during Ramadan, the fighting will continue and extend to Rafah as well.” “We will allow the evacuation of citizens - in a coordinated manner - during discussion with our American and Egyptian partners to avoid harming uninvolved citizens.” He added, "We need to start building something new, a civilian government that cannot be Hamas, and it should not be Israel."

"False statements"

But a member of Hamas' political bureau responded by saying, "The statements of the Israeli Defense Minister are refuted by his Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who clearly said that the campaign against Rafah will take place, even if there is an exchange of prisoners." This "all stems from the lust for revenge, murder, and genocidal policy practiced by the occupation since the beginning of its aggression against Gaza." The targeting of civilians continues on a daily basis, including those in Rafah.

Regarding Gantz’s talk about facilitating the exit of civilians from Gaza, Badran (who is also the head of the National Relations Office of the Hamas movement) accused him of “lying.” “He who kills women and children will easily lie in what he says, and since the beginning of this war everything has been The evacuation of citizens from the north and center is carried out through direct killing and massacres, and even the safe passages that the occupation claimed to provide to the people were targeting civilian citizens directly, and massacres occurred and many were killed as a result.”

As for talking about the next day after the end of the war, he said, “I believe that neither Netanyahu nor his war minister nor anyone else will be present in the political arena that leads this government,” and the occupation does not have an answer or any real plan that can be implemented. “Even Netanyahu himself refuses.” That there be real and serious discussions within his government about the next day after the war.”

The member of Hamas's political bureau added, "The occupation, which has been unable to achieve any of its declared political goals, despite the war entering its fifth month, is too incapable to talk about an independent Gaza after this war."

A clear contradiction

Badran said, "The occupation government is experiencing a clear contradiction," as it is issuing threats to eliminate Hamas, while at the same time conducting indirect negotiations with it. “As for us, we deal with negotiations based on our concern for the interest of our Palestinian people, and we are not affected by such threats or statements, because our demands and goals are clear and direct, and agreed upon nationally,” the most important of which is stopping the aggression against our people and ensuring the entry of urgent relief and subsequent reconstruction, then ending the siege on the Gaza Strip. Gaza, as well as the issue of the prisoner exchange deal.

Regarding the civil administration of the Gaza Strip by a UN body, a member of Hamas’ political bureau said, “We know how to manage our affairs and choose our leaders, whether in the West Bank, Jerusalem, or Gaza. This is an internal Palestinian matter, and no party has the right to dictate to us what it wants in any way.” Of shapes.”

He added, "This is unacceptable by any regional or international body," and it is certainly more unacceptable when the occupation has a say or opinion on this matter. This is an internal Palestinian matter that is decided by the Palestinians alone through consensus between the various components, until Palestinian elections are reached in which the people decide their political options and choose their leadership that will lead them in the next stage.

Badran concluded his statements to Al Jazeera Net by saying, “The policy of displacement and forcing civilians to change their areas of residence by force through successive bombing operations are all crimes for which international law is accountable, and violate all international standards and conventions related to war.” I do not think that there is a country in the world that agrees on this matter. In principle, but Netanyahu and his government are isolated in this situation, because this is a systematic policy they have that targets civilians with murder, and tries to force them to emigrate.

Source: Al Jazeera