Alexis Delafontaine / Photo credit: KIRAN RIDLEY / AFP 8:25 p.m., February 19, 2024

Cereal farmer in Tarn, Céline Imart, 41, was designated as number 2 on the LR list, led by François-Xavier Bellamy, for the European elections. The person concerned says she refused an offer from the presidential party and Éric Ciotti, the party boss, denies any opportunism.

The Republicans were looking for a number 2 for the European campaign led by François-Xavier Bellamy. And found it with Céline Imart, 41 years old. A decision, unveiled this Monday in Seine-et-Marne, which demonstrates the desire of the party, led by Éric Ciotti, not to abandon agricultural land. 

Because above all else, Céline Imart works as a cereal grower in Tarn, after taking over her parents' farm. A graduate of prestigious establishments (Sciences Po and Essec), she is also very involved in defending farmers against foreign goods. She also claims to have refused an offer from Renaissance, the presidential party, preferring that made by Les Républicains. 

“It’s not a communication approach” 

“First of all, they have a record. You would have to be blind not to see that the votes they cast are votes that honor agriculture and defend our agricultural choices. I am not interested in communication. Going to lists of parties which will make up 15, 20, 30% but which, ultimately, were not present in Brussels, which did not defend the agricultural world, that does not interest me", affirms the person concerned. . 



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As the agricultural crisis makes a comeback, the Republicans want to use this subject to distance themselves from Emmanuel Macron. But Éric Ciotti rejects all opportunism. “It is not a communication approach, it is, on the contrary, an approach of continuation, of proximity, of loyalty to values. And Céline Imart embodies this modernity of her values”. The duo intends to hammer home this message this weekend during the Agricultural Show.