Regarding Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Pashinyan of former Soviet Union Armenia stated on the 18th that ``Armenia is not an ally of Russia,'' clarifying his stance against the invasion of Ukraine and making his move to break away from Russia even clearer. I am.

On the 18th, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan said at a meeting held in Germany, where he was visiting for an international security conference, regarding Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, ``Armenia is not an ally of Russia regarding the Ukraine issue. The people are our friends."

Armenia is a member of the Russian-led military alliance CSTO and is strongly influenced by Russia in areas such as security and economics, but it has clearly stated its opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.

Regarding this, Spokesperson of the Russian Presidential Administration Peskov said on the 19th, ``It is no secret that we are in diametrically opposed positions on the issue of Ukraine.We will explain that Russia's position is correct.'' I admitted something.

Armenia was defeated in September last year over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, which has been disputed with neighboring Azerbaijan for many years, and the Pashinyan government became increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of military support from its ally Russia, and turned to the West. The movement away from Russia is becoming even clearer as the two countries move closer together.