China News Service, Beijing, February 19th: Title: "The First Meeting of the New Year" was held in many places in China to get off to a good start

  Author Yin Qianyun Wang Mengyao

  The Spring Festival holiday has just passed, and various parts of China have begun to "fight for the start." China News Service reporters found that so far, Guangdong, Liaoning, Anhui, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other provinces have successively held the "First Meeting of the New Year" to sound the clarion call to start construction.

Data map: Workers work on the new energy vehicle production line. Photo by Li Nanxuan

Focus on new quality productivity and lay out new tracks

  As the country's largest economic province, Guangdong has a good momentum of developing new productive forces. On the 18th, Guangdong held a province-wide high-quality development conference. Huang Kunming, Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, said at the meeting that the new productivity lies in new science and technology, new production methods, and new industrial forms. The core essence is to use technological innovation to drive productivity to a new qualitative leap. Promoting industrial technological innovation and developing new productive forces is a strategic move and long-term strategy for Guangdong. It will also be an arduous race, endurance race, and relay race.

  It is understood that Guangdong Province will launch a number of new major scientific research projects this year to promote technological transformation of 9,000 industrial enterprises and promote the digital transformation of 9,200 industrial enterprises above designated size.

  Liaoning Province proposes to seize opportunities and win the initiative on new tracks and new battlefields, and to make up for the shortcomings of county economy, private economy, and marine economy, and strive to realize the goal of "Ten Trillion Dreams" as soon as possible.

  He Daixin, director of the Fiscal Research Office of the Institute of Financial Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the thinking model and conceptual framework of new productive forces provide ideas for various places to find new economic growth points and achieve high-quality development.

Data map: The terminal is filled with container cargo. Photo by reporter Liu Zhongjun

Optimize the business environment and support the private economy

  The "first meeting of the New Year" in many places has focused on the business environment, and has repeatedly emphasized that they attach importance to and support the private economy.

  On the first working day after the holiday, Fujian held a symposium with private economic representatives. The meeting proposed that we should continue to optimize the business environment and build Fujian into a blessed place for private economic development. Focusing on the concerns of private enterprises, we will promote the implementation of a number of landmark measures in terms of market access, government services, rights protection, incentives for innovation, and factor acquisition to promote the long-term sustainable and healthy development of the private economy.

  On the same day, Liaoning held a mobilization meeting to optimize the business environment and win the battle, focusing on "business environment." The meeting emphasized that we must fight the key battle of optimizing the business environment, regard optimizing the business environment as a "truck" to promote revitalization and development, optimize policy services, make good use of the sword of the rule of law, build a new political and business relationship that is close to the Qing Dynasty and unify, and launch more targeted Policies and measures with strong nature and high value, equally protect the property rights and legitimate rights and interests of all types of business entities in accordance with the law, create a good environment and social atmosphere that respects business, is pro-business and secure business, and strives to create an "upgraded version" of the business environment, with first-class The business environment empowers high-quality development.

  Anhui’s “First Meeting of the New Year” also focused on the business environment. The meeting proposed that the business environment is productivity and competitiveness, a key factor in promoting the development of the private economy, and a key starting point for improving regional economic competitiveness. We must use higher standards and greater efforts to create a market-oriented, legal and international first-class business environment, create a business environment where everyone values ​​​​business, everyone is a business environment, and a business environment is emphasized at all times and everywhere. Create a good atmosphere and make the work of serving enterprises precise and detailed, so that entrepreneurs can feel at ease and feel at ease.

Promote major projects and increase investment

  At the beginning of the new year, various localities have also made arrangements to accelerate the construction of major projects.

  On the first day of work after the holiday, Yunnan held a meeting to promote the scheduling and promotion of major industrial projects in the first quarter of 2024. The meeting emphasized the need to promote a good start in all work this year and lay a solid foundation for achieving the goals and tasks throughout the year. Adhere to and improve the scheduling mechanism for major industrial projects, continue to do a good job in the resource economy, park economy, and port economy, continue to increase investment in advantageous projects such as agriculture, tourism, and energy, and turn the concept of "three major economies" into reality s project.

  Jiangxi’s “First Meeting” in the Year of the Dragon also focuses on major projects. The province's centralized start of major projects in the first quarter of 2024 and the "Ten Hundreds, Hundreds, Millions" Project Mobilization Conference held on the 18th focused on the construction of major projects in the new year.

  Wang Xiaosong, a professor at the School of Economics at Renmin University of China, said that each province, based on its own actual development conditions, focuses on the most important and urgent reform and development directions of the province, and launches a series of targeted measures, which is conducive to solidly promoting high-quality development and in future development and construction. Achieve results. (over)