According to the political scientist, such a decision is quite in the spirit of the European bureaucracy.

“When they are faced with an unsolvable problem, they immediately propose establishing a commission, a council, or introducing a new position,” explained Svetov.

As the analyst added, it sounds especially funny that this special representative should have direct access to Zelensky.

“That is, they created a puppet, and now they need to get permission from this puppet so that they can go directly,” explained Svetov.

He emphasized that the West simply cannot take into account the words that Russian President Vladimir Putin said to Tucker Carlson: “It is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield.”

“It follows from this that victory will be ours. And then there is the question of their concern that suddenly the elites of Ukraine will go over to the side of Russia. The question is, will Russia want to take on its side these elites who have driven Ukraine into a dead end?” Svetov concluded.

Earlier it became known that the United States and Great Britain are trying to convince other countries participating in the G7 of the need to establish the post of special envoy for Ukraine, who will have constant access to Vladimir Zelensky.

In addition, it is noted that the West fears betrayal from the Kyiv elite.