China News Service, February 12 (Xinhua) Comprehensive report: On February 11, local time, US President Biden officially joined the social platform TikTok.

Image source: Screenshot from social platform TikTok

  Campaign advisers reportedly said the account is run by Team Biden-Harris and will post content regularly as it does on other social media outlets such as Instagram.

  The team released its first video on TikTok that day. In this video of about 30 seconds, Biden answered a series of questions about who will win the Super Bowl championship in the short and fast way preferred by young people.

  The last question is, will Donald Trump or Biden (win)? Biden smiled and replied, "Don't be ridiculous, (it's) Biden."

Image source: TikTok video screenshot

  The Washington Post analyzed that the Biden team is working hard to take measures to try to establish connections with young people. For example, his avatar on TikTok is a photo of his eyes emitting lasers. In this regard, Generation Z content creator Aaron Parnas pointed out: "Young people across the country have been waiting for this moment."

Image source: Screenshot from the Washington Post report

  However, there have been many voices in the domestic political arena in the United States that slander and suppress TikTok. Not long ago, at the hearing on "Large Technology Companies and the Online Child Sexual Exploitation Crisis" held by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, a U.S. senator repeatedly asked TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzi's nationality and citizenship.

  In this regard, Zhou Shou Capital repeatedly emphasized that he is a Singaporean. The congressman's behavior has also been questioned and criticized by public opinion. Some netizens pointed out that this congressman is obviously "racially discriminatory."

  In response to the unreasonable suppression by some U.S. politicians, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs once responded that the U.S. government has so far not provided any evidence to prove that TikTok threatens U.S. national security, but has repeatedly imposed "presumption of guilt" and unreasonable suppression on relevant companies. The United States should earnestly respect the principles of market economy and fair competition, stop unreasonably suppressing companies from other countries, and provide an open, fair, just, and non-discriminatory environment for companies from all countries to invest and operate in the United States.