China News Service, Hong Kong, February 12th: Title: Hong Kong New Year "Horses Run"

  China News Service reporter Liu Dawei

  Horses galloped on the green land, the audience was packed, and cheers and applause surged like a tide... On the third day of the first lunar month (12th), Hong Kong's "Lunar New Year Racing Day" event kicked off at Shatin Racecourse, attracting the attention of the world People from all over the country watched the game and welcomed the New Year together.

  This is an annual event organized by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and is one of the most popular New Year events in Hong Kong. Horse racing has a long history in Hong Kong, and citizens have deep feelings about "horse racing". "If you haven't seen horse racing, you haven't been to Hong Kong." Someone described the significance of horse racing to Hong Kong.

On February 12, the "Lunar New Year Racing Day" event hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club kicked off at Sha Tin Racecourse. The picture shows the horse racing horses crossing the finish line one after another. Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Dawei

  Horse racing during the Spring Festival is often the most attended race day event in Hong Kong throughout the year. On the 12th, the organizers arranged theme floats, "Peach Garden" and "Transfer Windmill" in the public square of the racecourse, adding to the New Year atmosphere and attracting citizens and tourists to take photos.

  "Participating in the Lunar New Year horse racing day is mainly to seek good fortune for the New Year. Winning or losing is not the most important thing." During the interview, Mr. Zhou, a citizen, was browsing event information and told reporters.

  Before the start of the event, a comprehensive performance and opening ceremony was held at the Horse Appearance Circle. Many well-known Hong Kong artists sang New Year's hits to celebrate the New Year with "horse fans". Later, the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Paul Chan Mo-po, together with the Hong Kong Jockey Club Chairman Richard Lee and Chief Executive Officer Ying Jiapai, dotted the eyes of the lion. Jockeys also lined up to pay New Year greetings and send blessings to "horse fans".

  At 12:30, the first match officially started. The starting bell rang, and the horse rushed out of the gate under the jockey's riding, and galloped around the field. The horse's mane rolled in the air like waves, and the sound of the horse's hooves hit the hearts of every spectator like a drum. The moment the racing horse was about to cross the line, the audience cheered loudly, and some "horse fans" shouted the racing horse's number and kept cheering it up.

On February 12, the "Lunar New Year Racing Day" event hosted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club kicked off at Sha Tin Racecourse. The picture shows spectators at the racecourse paying attention to the game. Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Dawei

  Zhang, a classmate from Changsha, Hunan, and his sister have already watched several games. "Watching horse racing is an indispensable experience when visiting Hong Kong, especially during the Spring Festival, when the atmosphere of horse racing is even more lively." Zhang said that this was his first time watching horse racing and he felt very excited. Every game was exciting.

  Daniel from the UK is a long-time "horse fan". When being interviewed, he had watched several games with a calm face and was waiting for the focus event of the "New Year Cup". "This year is the Year of the Dragon in China. Watching horse racing in the Year of the Dragon fits the saying 'dragon-horse spirit'. Watching the horses galloping makes me feel full of vitality and energy."

  The "New Year Cup" competition started at around 16:5 on the same day. Six racing horses wearing red "shirts" galloped on the green ground with the jockeys. In the auditorium, the cheers of citizens and tourists drowned out the sound of horse hooves like a tide. In the end, the 5-year-old "Red Lucky Emperor" won the championship.

  A total of 11 events of different specifications were held that day. According to statistics from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, nearly 88,000 people attended the event, reaching a new high in recent years. (over)