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  • Couples The crisis of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio: he is very happy in Seville, but she only wants to live in Madrid

  • Relationships Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio put their Madrid mansion on sale for 6 million and shelve their life in the capital

  • Families The great sporting and cultural fiasco of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio in Paris

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio will not completely leave Madrid. The couple has put

a house for sale in La Moraleja

, but maintains

a second property

in the same urbanization, built and decorated to their liking and which

is their home in the capital of Spain

. While the player was a member of Real Madrid, the family lived in the house that is now for sale for just over six million. A year

before moving to Paris,

they bought a second home in the same development, a property that took two years to get everything to their liking. The family moved to

that new mansion in the summer of 2021

, just before Ramos started playing for Paris St. Germain, so, with the newly opened house, they all went to live in the French capital. From Paris they returned to Spain, to Seville, taking up residence on the La Alegría estate, in Bollullos de la Mitación.

The new house in La Moraleja (the one that is not for sale) has

a double security perimeter,

with a hallway in the middle in which a security guard with his dog watches 24 hours a day when someone from the family is in the house. home. Sources consulted by LOC affirm that the

monthly cost of security and service personnel

when they are at home amounts to around

40,000 euros per month.

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The Ramos-Rubios' new house is

"huge. Furthermore

, they have designed it to their liking, with all their whims." For example, the pools have different

levels and waterfalls."

In the large garden, with trees and other flora, they have placed decorations like those they put up on

their wedding day in La Alegría.

For example, unicorns; or a telephone booth with a special and eye-catching design; or the sign with which they received their guests that read

'Pilar and Sergio'.

The house has at least two floors and is built on

different levels

, with decorators supervised by Pilar Rubio, who intervened a lot in this aspect.

According to it, "the value of this new house, after the renovations,

is around 18 or 20 million."

Sergio and Pilar live in the countryside, in Seville, and are

"as happy as ever,"

they assure LOC. She comes and goes to Madrid for her work, and he attends her

commitments from the farm

. Sometimes he drives himself; Other times, he goes with someone who takes him and picks him up.

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Sergio is happy in Seville playing for the team of his life. Because both he and his family have always been Sevillistas.

His contract with Sevilla FC ends on June 30.

"Here he earns two million euros,

just over a million net, an offer about eight or

10 times less

than the one he received from Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, which amounted to 20 million euros net. In Turkey he receives "They offered just over

11 million euros

. But he wanted to play for Sevilla, because here is his home, his family... Emotionally,

he wanted to play here, he decided it with his heart."

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Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio put their Madrid mansion on sale for 6 million and shelve their life in the capital

  • Editorial: GTRES/LOC

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio put their Madrid mansion on sale for 6 million and shelve their life in the capital

Born in the town of Camas, Ramos

came out of the Sevilla FC youth team

, along with players like José Antonio Reyes and Antonio Puerta, both deceased. He has always had them in mind. But when he arrived with

the white club to play against Sevilla,

he had disagreements with part of the Sevilla fans, who reproached him for having left; and he answered them. When the player signed for Real Madrid, José María del Nido Benavente - father of the current president - was in charge of the Sevillian club, who said then that it was

Sergio who had wanted to leave.

"Later it was shown that it was the president himself who had sold him and had blamed the player," recalls another source.

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At that time his grandfather

went to Sánchez-Pizjuán

to see his team and his grandson. But he stopped going, because it hurt his soul to see how they criticized and insulted his grandson. When Ramos decided to return to Sevilla last year, he apologized and said that for him it was

"a debt."

"There are things that cannot be bought with money.

My grandfather made me a Sevilla player and brought me to the field;

now he would be proud to

see me again in Sevilla.

My father helped me fulfill my dream of making my debut here with Puerta and Reyes. "My heart asked me to return to the

team of my soul

. "

A team that is not going through its best moments right now, so Ramos's future is still up in the air.

"He is comfortable at Sevilla,

enjoying his profession, with his teammates and with the fans; he is one more. At the moment

he has not given many clues nor has the club.

It may depend on how the season ends. Sevilla I can't pay you much more."