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Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez said that Madrid wants a viable Palestinian state that coexists with Israel, and called for a peace conference that brings together Palestinians and Israelis and leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Albarez explained during a special interview with Al Jazeera that the call for the international peace conference is based on the two-state solution, praising the role of the State of Qatar in mediating a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that since October 7, Madrid has suspended all licenses to export weapons to Israel, noting that this date "made us realize the importance of a just and lasting solution to the issue of the Palestinian people."

He stressed his country's unwillingness to expand the scope of violence in the region, "and we must do what we can to prevent that," and called on all parties to comply with the orders of the International Court of Justice.

He pointed out that United Nations headquarters, schools and hospitals in the Gaza Strip were being bombed, and demanded a permanent and immediate ceasefire in Gaza because 27,000 Palestinians were killed in the war.

Regarding developments in the Red Sea, the Spanish minister expressed his rejection of the Houthi attacks in the region, and said that Madrid “supports the principle of freedom of navigation on the high seas” and “supports a European mission to secure the seas, but our ships will not participate in it.”

It is noteworthy that the Spanish Foreign Minister began a diplomatic tour from Qatar that includes the Gulf region, with the aim of discussing ways to peace in the Middle East.

Source: Al Jazeera