In the United States, talks over the emergency budget needed for military aid to Ukraine have not been reached due to opposition from opposition parties and the Republican Party, and President Biden has announced that former President Trump, who is the leading candidate for the Republican Party in the fall presidential election, will become a member of Congress. He strongly criticized the government for lobbying and obstructing approval.

The Biden administration has requested emergency funding from Congress, including aid for Ukraine, but the opposition party, the Republican Party, opposed the request, saying it was conditional on tightening border controls with Mexico, so it was not approved. Military support has stopped.

The ruling and opposition parties in the upper house of parliament have put together a new budget bill that includes support for Ukraine as well as strengthened border controls, including giving the government the power to close the border on an emergency basis in the event of a flood of illegal immigrants. I did.

In response to this, President Biden held a press conference on the 6th and strongly criticized former President Trump, who is the Republican front-runner in the November presidential election, for lobbying Republican lawmakers to obstruct approval.

President Biden said, ``Mr. Trump doesn't understand what will help the country,'' and he stressed the importance of the budget and called for early approval from Congress.

The budget bill is unlikely to be approved, with Trump criticizing it for not doing enough to combat illegal immigration and calling for opposition, and Republican House Speaker Johnson announcing that the House will not debate it. .