Cleaning windows, cleaning the whole house, organizing and storing... On the eve of the Spring Festival, sweeping dust and removing dirt is an important way for every household to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. Housekeeping services have ushered in the "pre-holiday craze"

  Housekeeping service becomes a new choice for “New Year’s goods”

  Reporter Wu Duosi Correspondent Ma Anni

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  In recent years, my country's housekeeping industry has developed rapidly. Today's housekeeping services have already evolved with the evolution of social development and the continuous improvement of residents' needs, and have become more professional and extensive life service housekeepers.

  "Since January 20, our company's housekeeping service orders have been full and we can't stop." said Mu Haoyang, manager of Xinjiang Urumqi Love Star Service Co., Ltd.

  Cleaning windows, cleaning the whole house, organizing and storing... On the eve of the Spring Festival, sweeping dust and removing dirt is an important way for every household to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year, and housekeeping services have also ushered in the "pre-holiday craze". According to data from 58 Daojia, the volume of housekeeping service orders on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2024 is expected to increase by 40% compared with the same period last year, and the demand for whole-house cleaning increased by more than 300% month-on-month. Tianyancha data also shows that there are currently more than 2.978 million domestic companies in my country, of which more than 596,000 will be newly registered in 2023, an increase of 33% compared with the same period in 2022.

  High demand for services

  On January 15, 60-year-old Li Cuilian made an appointment for housekeeping services, including glass cleaning, house dusting and kitchen cleaning. “As I get older, many places cannot be cleaned, so I listened to my children’s advice and hired housekeeping services. It’s clean and saves time and effort.”

  This is the first time Li Cuilian has hired housekeeping cleaning services. Her daughter helps her place an order remotely and charges based on the area. Three housekeeping attendants work together to clean, organize and clean the house. The house is cleaned in 4 hours. "I am very satisfied with this experience. I also left their company's contact information so that I can call them directly if necessary in the future." Li Cuilian said happily.

  "I'm busy at work every day, especially during the Spring Festival travel period. I often work overtime. It's late when I get home. I don't want to clean up the housework after a tired day, so I make an appointment for housekeeping to come to my door every week." Zhang Zhixia is an employee of the Fuzhou Power Supply Section. For dual-income families on the railway, housekeeping services have become a must during the Chinese New Year. “Although the prices will increase slightly during this period, they are within a reasonable range and are acceptable.”

  "Worker Daily" reporters searched a number of housekeeping service companies and found that the original "on-call" ordering method has been changed to advance reservation. There are still a few days before the Spring Festival, and there are new changes in Urumqi housekeeping service prices: the price of whole-house cleaning Calculated on a per square meter basis, it has increased from the original 4.5 to 5 yuan per square meter to 6 to 7 yuan per square meter; the hourly rate has increased from the original 50 yuan per hour to 60 to 70 yuan per hour.

  Regarding the price changes, Mu Haoyang said: "As the New Year approaches, the market demand is greater than usual. However, some employees go home to celebrate the New Year, so the cleaning staff on duty are working overtime. The fees will increase, but they will not It’s outrageous.”

  Faced with a market where demand exceeds supply, in addition to the high-quality service personnel reserved in advance by housekeeping companies, freelance housekeepers also have an exclusive customer base.

  Liu Xiaojing, who lives in Xiangti Garden, Midong District, Urumqi, entered the domestic service industry in 2019. After entering the industry, she mainly received work through an agency. Because he works quickly and tidy, he has won the favor of many customers. Starting last year, she had her own customer base. "They are all introduced by old customers, and I have many contacts on weekdays. I know each company's situation relatively well, and I can do the work quickly." Liu Xiaojing said that when the demand is not much on weekdays, she almost travels all over Midong District. Last year in December Starting at the end of the month, new orders came in one after another, and she had to narrow her service circle and choose the communities closest to her.

  "Although time is tight and tasks are heavy, I can't lose my reputation for service. Only when customers are satisfied with each household's work will I start the next one," Liu Xiaojing said.

  Organizing and storage services have become a new demand

  Wang Xudong, a citizen of Urumqi, couldn't help but sigh when he saw that all the clothes in his home were classified according to family members, and then carefully divided according to color, season, category, etc., and finally folded and hung. The wardrobe went from messy to orderly. Wang Xudong, a citizen of Urumqi, couldn't help but sigh.

  As a new type of housekeeping service demand, "organizer and organizer" will be listed as a new professional job in 2021. Starting in 2023, more and more people in Xinjiang will choose space organization and storage services, and more and more workers will learn and engage in space organization and storage work.

  "Since last year, we have trained more than 200 people," said Zhu Liting, a second-level technician in space organization and storage. "Recently there is an order for moving packing and moving restoration, which will take a few more days."

  Taking a small work box, putting on a disposable mask, gloves, and shoe covers, she entered the user's home, and then took out disposable garbage bags, alcohol spray bottles, tape measures and other necessary supplies. Zhu Liting's day's organizing and storage work officially began: first, she It is necessary to organize and screen items, and then rationally use the space for organization and storage. “Space organization and storage may seem very simple, but actually there is a lot of knowledge hidden there.” Zhu Liting said, “There are aspects such as organization and design space planning, color matching, display aesthetics, etc. In addition, we also need to help clients break away from renunciation and think about their own lifestyle.”

  Zhu Liting learned about space organization and storage work through a short video platform in 2020. Because she liked it, after a short consultation, she signed up for professional training.

  "Space organization and storage is a skilled type of work, which requires organizers to constantly think and summarize." Starting from 2020, Zhu Liting has continued to practice with her master and actively signed up to participate in professional skills competitions. In just 3 years, she has learned from household follow-up to household introduction, from daily work to competition platform, from junior organizer to technician organizer. She has witnessed the process of organization and storage services being gradually recognized, and she has also gained her own achievements. Life goals and direction.

  "It gets busier as the New Year approaches." Zhu Liting said that space organization and storage work is charged by the hour, and does not "just follow the market." The average hourly rate is 150 yuan. However, the wages of each organizer are different. According to the professional level, organizers are divided into junior to technicians, and their daily wages range from 200 yuan to 1,000 yuan. "For example, as a second-level technician, my salary is higher than that of ordinary organizers."

  Housekeeping services enter the community

  "I was worried about not being able to find housekeeping staff, but I didn't expect that I could successfully make an appointment at my doorstep." On January 31, Zhang Li, a citizen who lives in Midong District, Urumqi, said.

  Zhang Li originally planned to clean her house by herself, but a business trip disrupted her plan. As the Chinese New Year was approaching, she hurriedly contacted the housekeeping service online, but unexpectedly she couldn't get a job with several companies. "Later, I heard from the community group that there is a housekeeping service outlet in our community. I thought about giving it a try and made an appointment that day."

  In June last year, the first domestic service community demonstration site in Midong District, Urumqi, was listed in Duhuacheng Community, Anju Community Township, Xilu Street, where Zhang Li is the owner. According to Wang Ping, general manager of Xinjiang Sunshine Xiaoya Labor Dispatch Company, after the community housekeeping service shop receives the order, staff in and around the community can also receive the order nearby through training. “In this way, we have alleviated the many problems during the Spring Festival this year. Less pressure to take orders."

  Today's housekeeping services have already evolved with the evolution of social development and the continuous improvement of residents' needs, and have become more professional and extensive life service housekeepers. In particular, families with "one old and one young" have intensified the demand of young people to choose domestic services.

  In addition to the housekeeping service outlets that have officially settled in the community, the owner groups in each community will also release housekeeping service news in a timely manner. Ren Fang, who lives in Urumqi's Nanhu Community, posted a message "Looking for a domestic helper" in the community group, and community staff immediately responded to her message and provided her contact information.

  "The cleaning service recommended by the community staff is in our community. I don't have to place an order, I can contact it directly, which saves me worry and peace of mind," Ren Fang said.