“We have made appropriate requests to both the district and law enforcement agencies regarding this situation. And here, based on the qualifications that will be assigned to this case, measures will be taken against this mother. If a decision is made to deprive parental rights or restrict parental rights, this, let me remind you, happens only through the court, which means an appropriate appeal to the court will be prepared,” noted RT’s interlocutor.

She explained that she is now waiting for information about whether the family was registered with social services, “whether there were any complaints about this mother before.”

“Unfortunately, this information is not available yet. As the Ombudsman for Children's Rights, I keep this situation under control. I express the hope that all measures will be taken in the republic to ensure that the child does not suffer again,” concluded Volynets.

Earlier, as a source familiar with the situation told RT, the woman who roughly dragged the child by the hood in Naberezhnye Chelny admitted that she beat her son.

He added that the family had not previously come to the attention of the guardianship authorities; now service employees are working with the mother and boy.