Recently, during the peak period of Spring Festival travel, a large area of ​​persistent rain, snow and freezing weather has occurred in central and eastern my country. The impact is wide and lasts for a long time. The safe and stable supply of energy is of great significance to the people's warm winter.

  In order to ensure energy supply, various localities have taken multiple measures to strengthen inspections of power, communication lines and facilities and emergency ice melting and de-icing work, and do a good job in energy supply dispatch to reduce the adverse effects of rain, snow and freezing weather.

  In the face of severe cooling weather, State Grid Henan Electric Power has made every effort to guard all "gates" to ensure power supply. It has set up artificial ice viewing points and ice sample collection points for lines predicted to be moderately and severely iced, and provided specific arrival information for key areas and sections. Predict the risk of ice-covered dance lines and complete the investigation and control of hidden dangers in advance; rationally arrange the operation mode of the power grid, do a good job of power balance, strengthen important transmission channels, 23 power supply lines in 5 weak counties in the province, as well as high-speed railway traction stations, "three-span" ", water supply, heating and gas supply, the city's "lifeline" and other important people's livelihood users' power supply equipment operation and maintenance guarantee.

  At present, State Grid Henan Electric Power has sufficient emergency repair materials and personnel, and has invested a total of more than 16,000 emergency repair personnel, more than 3,000 emergency repair vehicles, 135 emergency power generation vehicles, 1 set of fixed and 5 sets of mobile DC ice melting devices. We have 198 sets of de-icing and emergency repair equipment, actively preparing for rapid response, and making every effort to ensure the safe operation of the power grid and reliable power supply.

  "Currently, many places are increasing risk investigation efforts, continuing to implement various measures to deal with rain, snow, and freezing weather, and doing a good job in ensuring power supply, safety, and smooth traffic to ensure that the people have a warm winter and a bright holiday." Industry experts said.

  Stable power supply during the Spring Festival and Spring Festival transportation is inseparable from the important guarantee role of coal as "ballast stone". Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2023, my country's enterprises above designated size produced 4.66 billion tons of raw coal, a year-on-year increase of 2.9%. In December, they produced 410 million tons of raw coal, a year-on-year increase of 1.9%. In 2023, 470 million tons of coal will be imported, a year-on-year increase of 61.8%.

  Xiangyang North Railway Station is located at the intersection of four main railway lines: Xiangyu, Jiaoliu, Handan, and Haoji. It is an important hub marshalling station on the "North-South Coal Transport" channel. More than 700,000 tons of various goods are assembled here every day. , transit, outbound transportation. Since the Spring Festival this year, the average daily coal transportation of Xiangyang North Station has exceeded 400,000 tons, an increase of 16.2% compared with the same period last year.

  Facing the strong market demand before and after the Spring Festival, as well as the upcoming surge in electricity consumption and accelerated coal consumption, Xiangyang North Railway Station made every effort to speed up the transfer of trucks to ensure the transportation of holiday supplies and key supplies.

  Liu Tao, director of the Coal Department of the National Energy Administration, said that at present, the coal supply and demand situation is generally stable, coal prices are within a reasonable range during the peak winter season, and thermal coal inventories remain at historically high levels. In the next step, we will work with relevant parties to accelerate the construction of coal green transformation supply guarantee bases in Shanxi, western Inner Mongolia, eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Shaanxi and Xinjiang, and optimize the layout of coal production and development; promote the stabilization of coal prices within a reasonable range, and maintain coal output at a high level; expand cooperation with coal Cooperate with resource-rich countries to stabilize coal imports; keep a close eye on regions such as the Northeast, the two lakes and one river, and the southwest to effectively respond to possible regional tight coal supply.

  Not only are traditional energy sources such as coal "confident", but in recent years, the proportion of my country's clean energy supply has also gradually increased, becoming an important supplement to the energy supply during the peak winter period.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Electric Power of State Grid, a number of key power projects in Chongqing will start construction or be put into use in 2023, which will help accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation of the power structure. In addition, Chongqing's natural gas power generation, wind power, and photovoltaic power sources are accelerating the "new development". By the end of 2023, Chongqing's centralized wind power and photovoltaic grid-connected scale reached 3.664 million kilowatts, and the distributed photovoltaic grid-connected scale in 2023 was 709,000 kilowatts.

  At the same time, Chongqing’s pumped hydropower storage and new energy storage scale will also achieve rapid growth in 2023. According to statistics, Chongqing has approved pumped storage projects under construction with an installed capacity of 5 million kilowatts. "Pumped hydro storage + new energy storage" will significantly enhance the regulatory capabilities of Chongqing's new power system, ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, promote the consumption of clean energy, and promote the adjustment of the energy structure.

  "Digital and intelligent technology is also playing an increasingly important role in promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of energy." Industry experts said that in places with abundant new energy, the deployment of corresponding computing infrastructure can not only solve the problem of new energy consumption It can also promote the green development of the computing power industry and further establish the foundation for green development.

  Jin Xiandong, director of the Policy Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that currently, with the joint efforts of all parties, the country's energy operations are generally stable. In the next step, we will closely track the trend of extreme weather changes, organize major energy companies to prepare emergency peak-shaving resources in advance, strengthen the safe operation of the power grid and disaster maintenance, and implement detailed power load management plans and natural gas emergency supply plans to ensure the safety and warmth of the people. Spend the winter and celebrate the holidays. (Wang Shaoshao)