The department reported that in Crimea, officers of the Russian FSB detained a group of people consisting of Russian citizens V.A. Bodnar, O.V. Shevchenko. and Ananyeva V.V., who, on instructions from the SBU in Simferopol, was preparing to blow up a car belonging to one of the representatives of the Crimean authorities. The detainees confessed.

It is specified that a radio-controlled improvised explosive device (IED) of cumulative action, a radio transmitting device, a tripod machine for placing a mine launcher in the direction of the target, a feather mine stabilizer, a high-explosive IED and an initiation actuator that involves connecting a mobile phone were found and seized from the suspects .

The investigative department of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol has initiated criminal cases.