Angela Martialay Madrid


Updated Monday, February 5, 2024-20:23

  • Justice The president of the CGPJ describes the attacks on the judges as "unacceptable" and nine members force an extraordinary plenary session

  • Politics The 12 attacks against the "prevaricating" and "Francoist" judges of Sánchez's partners in Congress

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has unanimously signed an institutional declaration where it "firmly rejects certain manifestations and behaviors carried out by members of the Legislative Branch" against different judges.

The most novel point of the approved text is, however, in which members of both the conservative and progressive sectors make a direct appeal to Parliament: "Respect for the independence of the Judiciary should be ensured in the course of parliamentary interventions, avoiding disqualifications that could undermine public confidence in the judicial system.

Last week there were fierce attacks on members of the Judicial Career in the Lower House that did not come only from the Junts spokesperson,

Míriam Nogueras

, but also from parties such as ERC, Sumar - the Government party -, Podemos and EH Bildu , among others. The most reviled magistrates in the Lower House were the judge of the National Court,

Manuel García Castellón

- instructor of the CDR and Tsunami Democràtic -, the instructor of the Russian plot of the


Joaquín Aguirre

, and the president of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court,

Manuel Marchena

, rapporteur of the sentence that condemned the leaders of 1-O for sedition and embezzlement of public funds.

"We understand that institutional respect must govern the relations between all the Powers of the State," respond the members who reiterate that "judicial independence is a key piece of the Rule of Law and its defense is essential within the framework of the values ​​on which the European Union is established and its safeguarding corresponds to all the Powers of the State".

It is not in vain that the members of the Judiciary feel attacked by the partners of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. The tone of the insults has grown in crescendo and it is increasingly repeated more naturally that there are "prevaricating" judges in our country from the rostrum of the Congress of Deputies. The body chaired by Vicente Guilarte comes out once again in defense of those who embody the third power of the State.