Aurélien Fleurot // Photo credit: Riccardo Milani / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 8:40 p.m., February 5, 2024

Some questions remain after the vote to create a specific rate for the parking of heavy individual cars in Paris. Indeed, this tax could not only affect SUVs, but also sedans due to the main criterion used: weight.

For or against the creation of a specific rate for the parking of heavy, bulky and polluting individual cars? This was the question posed to Parisians this Sunday. A little more than 54% of voters said “yes” to tripling prices, but with a low turnout of 5%. Anne Hidalgo promises implementation of the measure on September 1. Except that in reality, it is not yet won for the mayor of Paris. Especially since the vehicle weight criterion is more than questionable.


 Weight, exempt categories... How will the tripling of parking prices apply in Paris

With this weight criterion, the measure will not only triple the bill for SUVs. Starting at one tonne, it is necessary to include in this surcharge certain recent models such as the Renault Kangoo which have a less polluting engine, but a weight which increases over the years, mainly due to safety standards to be respected.

Several weaknesses in this measure

Another bad surprise: the owner of a Peugeot 508 hybrid who has a Crit'Air 1 sticker. His car is a sedan, nothing to do with an SUV, but he will have to pay three times more for parking because the car weighs 1.8 tonnes.

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Another paradox: 100% electric will also be affected beyond two tonnes. The Tesla Model S and even Peugeot's future e-3008 will not escape this since to display ranges of 600 to 700 km, heavy batteries are required. Exemptions are provided for craftsmen and large families. Criteria which may evolve between now and the deliberation presented to the Paris Council next May, since legal recourse is being considered.