Texas National Guard Soldiers (French)

A report published by the Russian newspaper "Vzglyad" stated that the conflict between the Republican states and the federal center in the United States of America has worsened, against the backdrop of the intensification of the immigration crisis.

He reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the deployment of his state's National Guard forces in the state of Texas, to help the authorities there take the necessary measures to eliminate the threat posed by irregular immigrants on the country's southern border.

The author of the report, Yevgeny Pozdnyakov, attributed to De Santis, saying that the states have every right to protect the lands adjacent to other countries independently, stressing that he does not want to be part of a federal government that “is trying to remove these barriers and allow more illegal immigrants to enter,” describing such as These actions from Washington are considered "crazy."

A reflection of contradictions

The writer added that representatives of the Texas National Guard took control of Shelby Park and began taking independent measures to deter migrants. Before that, state authorities did not allow federal border patrol boats to serve in the designated area, adding that, in general, the state's relations with Washington are traditionally difficult, and the immigration issue is merely a reflection of deeper contradictions.

He added that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt does not rule out sending his state a National Guard unit to Texas, criticizing the decision of President Joe Biden's administration to begin dismantling the barbed wire wall built by residents of the region, describing it as crazy.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said if President Joe Biden had dealt with real domestic issues, and had not tried to quarrel with Russian President Vladimir Putin, from whom he first needs to learn to work for the benefit of his country, everything would have been different.

Excluding reaching a compromise

Experts point out that the current situation in America has a high potential for escalation, given that the conflicting parties have taken very strict positions and have practically ruled out reaching a compromise on this issue. At the same time, the ongoing confrontation between the states and the federal center will be of decisive importance in the upcoming elections.

Russian political expert Boris Mizoev says that despite the fact that the apparent opposition in the Republican states is strongly demanding the need to solve the immigration crisis, their main ambition is the fate of former President Donald Trump, as they want to see their candidate in the upcoming elections.

Mizoev believes that if the federal government decides to allow Trump to participate in the electoral race, all contradictions will gradually disappear. However, Mizoev adds, increasing the degree of escalation and entering into a real confrontation with Washington is not in the interest of Texas or Florida, and the rhetoric of their governors is still more stringent than their real intentions.

Ukrainian scenario

Mizoev predicted that if the Biden administration continues to persecute Trump, and nominates the current president for a second term, Republicans will likely follow the Ukrainian scenario, declaring the head of state illegitimate. In this case, the situation may escalate to the extreme.

The chief researcher at the Institute of the United States of America and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Vasiliev, believes that the confrontation between the southern states and the federal center should be taken into account exclusively in the context of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, as states in which Republican governors assume power are trying to Raising the level of escalation in order to make Biden look like a weak leader.

Source: Vzglyad