Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has confirmed that he is considering dismissing General Zarzhny, who has been in charge of military operations against Russia. However, there are concerns from within the country regarding the consideration of dismissing Mr. Zarzhini, who is known to be very popular among the people.

In an interview with Italian public broadcaster RAI published on the 4th, President Zelenskiy of Ukraine commented on reports in multiple media that military commander-in-chief Zarzhny might be dismissed, saying, ``I'm calling for a reset.'' I need a fresh start,'' he said, confirming that he was considering dismissal.

It is reported that Mr. Zarzhny has often had disagreements with President Zelenskiy over matters such as how to proceed with the fighting.

Regarding this, Mayor Klitschko of the capital, Kiv, said on social media, ``It is thanks to Mr. Zarzhny that the people of Ukraine have trusted the military wholeheartedly.However, unfortunately, there is a possibility that politics may become more important than the national interest.The government... I hope you understand the seriousness and responsibility of this measure," he wrote, expressing concern.

Reuters also quoted commanders of Ukrainian military units fighting on the battlefield saying, ``I don't think it's appropriate to dismiss him now,'' and ``If the government wants to replace him, he needs to improve the situation.'' "We must not let things get worse. We must keep this in mind," said a critical voice.

Mr. Zarzhny is known to be highly popular with the public, with 88% of people saying they ``trust'' him in an opinion poll released in December last year, higher than President Zelenskiy's 62%. President Zelenskiy is expected to carefully assess the impact on the war situation and the public's reaction if Zarzhny is dismissed before making a final decision.