Europe 1 with AFP 6:16 p.m., February 5, 2024

"The difficult times" of the Franco-German couple "must not make us give up", French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal pleaded in Berlin on Monday, because the "break of division is what the populists are waiting for".

“This breach of division is the one that the populists are waiting for, the one on which the extremes feed, watching for the slightest of our differences to flatter the baser instincts and try to scuttle Europe,” said the leader of the French government, Gabriel Attal, while the far right is given the favorite in France and other countries in the European elections in June.

“There are always difficult moments in the relationship between France and Germany. But these moments must never make us go backwards” and “never make us give up,” added Gabriel Attal, who is making his first trip to Berlin to abroad and spoke to the French community at the French embassy.

“We measure the strength of Europe by the strength of Franco-German friendship”

"Europe is unity, it is the search for solutions, it is the ability to put aside differences to build, to conquer our independence. Needless to say, it is everything that rejects the extremes,” he insisted. “We measure the strength of Europe by the solidity of Franco-German friendship,” he further argued, and the “European surge will be a Franco-German surge.”

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The war in Ukraine has exposed several fundamental differences in the historic alliance of the two countries, the driving force behind European construction, particularly in the areas of energy and industrial cooperation programs on combat aircraft and tanks. from the future.

"To those who like to make people think that these obstacles could be insurmountable, I say that on the contrary, it is the will of the President of the Republic, his European conviction, to never give up and always put off the work on the profession, always seek to move forward", declared the Prime Minister who will also meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday.