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Updated Monday, February 5, 2024-18:46

A 23-year-old girl

has given birth to her daughter Adhara at the Chamartín-Clara Campoamor station in Madrid

with the help of agents from the National Police, who in turn have been assisted by telephone by the city's emergency services. .

At the exit of a fast food restaurant at the station, around 2:30 p.m. this Thursday, the woman, 37 weeks pregnant, went into labor and both she and her partner asked the police officers for help. Mobile Brigade that were carrying out security tasks.

As reported by the Madrid Police Headquarters, the officers assisted the young woman following the instructions of the emergency services, as they could already see the baby's head appearing.

They have requested

several coats from passers-by at the station

to place them as a mattress on the floor and one of the agents has had to free the newborn from the umbilical cord that was wrapped around her neck.

When the emergency services arrived, the woman had already given birth to Adhara, and both were in perfect condition. Samur-Civil Protection health workers have cut the cord, performed a medical examination and

sheltered the mother and baby skin-to-skin

, said Emergencies Madrid.

Subsequently, they were transferred by ambulance - escorted by Municipal Police patrols - to a hospital, where both are recovering from childbirth.