Questions will be held at the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the 6th, and opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party plan to request that the Political Funds Control Act be amended to ban donations from corporations and organizations. On the other hand, the Liberal Democratic Party has said that Prime Minister Kishida will implement the law revision during the current Diet session, and a working team set up within the party will proceed with specific consideration.

In the Diet, substantive deliberations on the new fiscal year budget began on the 5th at the House of Representatives Budget Committee, with Prime Minister Kishida and all cabinet members in attendance.

Regarding political reform, Secretary-General Okada of the Constitutional Democratic Party asked, ``In politics, we are responsible for results. We need to have the determination to see things through in this Diet session, and can't we just say, ``If we can't do it, we'll take responsibility?'' Ta.

In response, Prime Minister Kishida stated, ``We will hold sincere discussions with each party and faction and implement legal reforms, including the Political Funds Control Act, in the current Diet session.''

Questions were held at the Budget Committee on the 6th, and the opposition parties, including the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, continued to hold Prime Minister Kishida and others accountable for issues related to the political funding parties of factions of the Liberal Democratic Party, as well as to revise the Political Funds Control Act. , the policy calls for banning donations from companies and organizations.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democratic Party has decided to use a newly established working team under the party's ``Political Reform Headquarters'' to carry out concrete studies toward amending the Political Funds Regulation Act.

Additionally, the Liberal Democratic Party plans to compile and publish the results of a survey of all its members starting on the 5th early next week in order to facilitate parliamentary deliberations.