Fighters belonging to what is known as the Syrian Democratic Forces in a village in Deir ez-Zor, Syria (Reuters - Archive)

The so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces" said - today, Monday - that a number of its fighters were killed in a drone attack on an oil field containing American forces in the Deir ez-Zor countryside, eastern Syria.

The spokesman for these forces, Farhad Al-Shami, said in a blog post on the “X” social media platform that the drone exploded in a special forces academy affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces at an American base in the Al-Omar oil field, leading to the killing of 6 fighters affiliated with the special forces.

Two local sources said that the drone came from an area where groups allied with Iran are active and launch strikes on a regular basis.

On Monday, the "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" - which includes several Iraqi armed groups - claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that it carried out the attack yesterday, Sunday, February 4th.

Washington accuses the group of involvement in a drone attack on an American site in Jordan earlier this month, which led to the death of 3 American soldiers.

In response to this attack, the United States launched dozens of air strikes over the weekend against armed groups in Iraq and Syria, killing about 40 people.

Groups allied with Tehran entered the conflict line across the region with the intensification of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians after the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation on the seventh of last October, as the Lebanese Hezbollah targeted Israeli targets on the Lebanese-Israeli border, and Iraqi factions bombed American forces in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan. The Houthis in Yemen also target ships in the Red Sea.

Source: Agencies