The Iranian Navy during previous exercises in the Arabian Sea (Anatolia)

The Commander of the Iranian Army's Naval Forces, Admiral Shahram Irani, announced on Monday that his country will conduct joint naval exercises with both Russia and China next spring, to provide security in the region and protect common interests.

Iranian Fars News Agency quoted Iranian as saying that Tehran invited other countries to participate in these maneuvers that will take place at the end of next March, with the aim of ensuring security in the region, but he did not specify the countries or the location of the maneuvers.

Iranian stressed that the current strategy of the Iranian naval forces is to protect Iran’s economic interests, and also protect maritime navigation by accompanying Iranian ships at sea, and helping to provide security for the ships of countries that need assistance.

He pointed out that the Iranian army is in the process of adding several ships to the naval fleet next March, to guard Iranian maritime navigation.

China and Russia have not yet commented on the Iranian announcement.

It is noteworthy that Iran participated in naval "relief and rescue" maneuvers with the Sultanate of Oman in the northern Indian Ocean and the Strait of Hormuz last November, with the aim of enhancing combat readiness and implementing the agreements concluded between the two countries regarding maritime security.

Iran, Russia, and China previously carried out joint exercises on March 15, under the name “Maritime Security Belt,” and they continued for 5 days, in light of increasing tensions between the three countries and the West.

In the past few years, the three countries have carried out joint naval exercises in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and the Sea of ​​Oman.

Source: Al Jazeera + German