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Western writers - in articles and reports published in international newspapers and websites - focused on Israel's inability to resolve matters in the Gaza Strip, and some of them said that the war it is leading without a vision has made it lose international support and has plunged it into global isolation.

Foreign Affairs magazine stated that Israel “will not be able to resolve the situation in the Gaza Strip as it wishes,” and writer Colin Clark warned of the possibility that Gaza could turn into a quagmire - in his opinion - that will last for years.

According to the writer, “The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) can adapt to its new reality by relying on the tunnel network and using the destroyed infrastructure and hills of rubble to its advantage. It can also, along with other fighting groups inside Gaza, begin deploying suicide bombers targeting Israeli soldiers.”

The British newspaper "The Guardian" focused on the situation in Israel, and said that it is witnessing a stage that it described as brutal due to an internal and external war.

Simon Tisdale believes that the international isolation to which Israel is exposed is “real and growing,” and that what he called “Netanyahu’s eternal war” heralds deeper divisions and greater ostracism.

Scenes of targeting enemy soldiers and destroying its vehicles penetrating the Gaza City frontiers.

Source: Al-Qassam Telegram account (social media sites)

In the same regard, Jean-Pierre Filiu, in the French newspaper Le Monde, touched on the erosion of international support for Israel, and compared it to what happened to the United States, which he said benefited from the world rallying around it following the attacks of September 2001, but quickly lost that momentum due to the invasion of Iraq.

In the writer's opinion, Israel "benefited from great international support after October 7, 2023, but it began to lose it because of the Gaza war that it is waging without a vision."

On the other hand, Amira Hass wrote in the newspaper "Haaretz" that the West is punishing Gaza collectively by suspending funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). The writer pointed out that 15 countries, led by the United States and Germany, are underestimating the seriousness of the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. In order to please Israel.

Source: Al Jazeera