Europe 1 with AFP 10:00 p.m., February 5, 2024

“All those who are entitled to the energy check” in 2024 will receive it, assured Monday the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, after associations had expressed their fears of an eviction of some of the beneficiaries of the device.

“There will be no loser,” said Minister Bruno Le Maire on France 5, recognizing that “for a certain number of technical reasons”, some of the recipients risked not receiving it. Distributed since 2018, the energy check is paid once a year in the spring. With an average amount of 150 euros, it benefits the lowest 20% of households, or more than 5.6 million households, to help them pay for their electricity.

Several family or consumer associations (CLCV, Afoc, Rural Families, Cnafal, UFC, Unaf) had reported during the day the risk of seeing a million beneficiaries excluded from the system "even though they meet the criteria to obtain it" .

An online complaints desk set up for those who have been forgotten

“The associations did well to react, well done to point out the problem, we have resolved it, there will be no loser,” insisted Bruno Le Maire. The energy check is paid according to tax income and the composition of the household in the accommodation, determined according to the housing tax. “As the housing tax is abolished, it is more difficult to identify housing,” explained Bruno Le Maire.

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New households, students for example, or those whose income has fallen, therefore risked not receiving the check. An online complaints counter will therefore be set up for those who have not received the check at the end of the sending campaign, which takes place in April and May, Bercy told AFP.

“Household gas bills will remain stable”

“In any case, French people who benefited from the energy check in 2023 will also benefit from the energy check in 2024. Those who think they are eligible, but who have not received it by mid-May will be able to make a claim,” according to this source.


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With the gradual end of the price shield, the electricity bill for individuals and businesses increased by almost 10% on February 1. “The household gas bill will remain stable” for its part, also affirmed Bruno Le Maire.