Agureeva’s words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

“It was always called betrayal. It has never been called anything else in any country. And, as Leskov wrote: “But I think this is just treason... - And I think it’s even much simpler: this is stupidity.” And I don’t like frenzy on both sides, neither the patriotic nor the liberal. Because frenzy is always a sign of insanity,” the actress said during a conversation with reporters.

Smolyaninov previously admitted that he was ready to speak to members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but secretly. In an interview, he noted that “he doesn’t give a damn about Russia, even if only one region remains of it, and everything else turns into radioactive ash.” He also claimed that if he participated in the conflict in Ukraine, he would fight on the side of Kyiv.

The writer Ulitskaya admitted that royalties from the sale of her books in Russia go to Ukraine, and called the SVO volunteers “people without work.”

* Included in the register of foreign agents by decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice dated January 13, 2023.