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Updated Sunday, February 4, 2024-12:23

  • Water crisis Catalonia declares a drought emergency for six million people: "It is the prelude to dizzying times if the lack of rain persists"

  • Drought in Catalonia Affected areas, measures, what can be done and what is prohibited

The 'president' of the Generalitat Valenciana,

Carlos Mazón

, has urged the central government to guarantee "in writing" that the transport of water from the


desalination plant to


"will not harm the Valencian coast" and "the Valencian needs "They're not going to diminish." "That they guarantee us what they have told us," he added.

Mazón has spoken in these terms, in statements to the media, after this Saturday the Generalitat reported in a statement that the Minister of Ecological Transition,

Teresa Ribera

, informed the head of the Consell of the Executive's intention to bring water in boats from the desalination plant located in the Valencian town to Catalonia to fight against the drought suffered by this region.

"I am in favor of solidarity between basins and between communities; I have always been, also when we need it and when we demand it," he stated, while ensuring that the Valencian Community "is not going to stop demanding it." "On the contrary, I think this consolidates us and gives us moral authority and coherence to continue claiming that water in Spain belongs to everyone," she said.

Along these lines, Mazón has stressed that he speaks "from

a community that has done its homework

, that has reused, that has invested in the water cycle and that continues to say that water in Spain belongs to everyone."

"We don't like desalinated water for irrigation, it is very expensive, energetically it is not sustainable, but for an energy peak, for an emergency peak, for mouth use, it can be viable," he concluded.