Taiwan's next president, Lai Ching-de, visited Taipei and met with bipartisan members of the U.S. House of Representatives, asking for continued support to strengthen Taiwan's self-defense capabilities.

On the 25th, Taiwan's next president, Lai Ching-de, who was elected in the presidential election on January 13th, met with Congressman Diaz-Balart and Congressman Vera, who serve as co-chairs of the bipartisan caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, at the Presidential Office Building in Taipei.

Mr. Lai stated, ``Under the leadership of President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan has responded calmly to China's military activities and strived to maintain the status quo in the Taiwan Strait.''

"Building on the foundation laid down by President Tsai, Vice President-elect Xiao Mei-qin and I will continue to unite the people of Taiwan, strengthen our society, and protect the peaceful and stable status quo across the Taiwan Strait," Tsai said. He once again emphasized his commitment to continuing the president's policy.

"We hope that our two co-chairs and our bipartisan friends in the U.S. Congress will continue to support Taiwan in strengthening its self-defense capabilities, and together protect peace, stability, and prosperity in the Taiwan Strait and region." Ta.

In response, Diaz-Balato said, ``America's support for Taiwan is unwavering, genuine, and 100% bipartisan.''

Mr. Vera also put a check on China, saying, ``There must be no aggressive acts in the 21st century.Taiwan's future will be decided by the Taiwanese themselves.''