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The picture of the child Amina Ghanem with her bloodshot eyes attracted the attention of many, especially social media users, some of whom said that this child would live with “piercing” eyes to tell the story of the occupation that killed her father and sister.

The Palestinian girl, Amina (13 years old), was displaced after her home in Gaza was bombed. She took shelter with her family in a temporary house made of tin, but Israeli tanks raided them while they were sleeping.

Amina narrates that her father and sister were martyred at the scene, while she was seriously injured, almost losing her sight.

Tweets and comments

Social media pioneers interacted with the story of the child Amina and her bloodshot eyes in comments and tweets, some of which were quoted in the episode (1/24/2024) of the “Shabakat” program.

Laith called for Amina to be helped as soon as possible so that she would not go blind.

As for Younis, he commented, saying: “You will live with keen eyes to tell the story, Amina. You will live and the criminal Israel will die because of our curses and the resistance of our victorious people.”

Meanwhile, Salwa wondered: “Where will you escape from Amina’s eyes?”

In turn, Arwa Othman tweeted, saying, “I have only seen these eyes in horror movies! Black eyes that bleed from intense pressure... They were only in the imaginations of movies and the eyes of directors!”

Lina wrote: “There is no Arab artist, actor, or influencer who talks about Amina Ghanem and has a role in moving “fans follow him” and public opinion to treat the girl? Nor are there Arab artists for decor, whose greatest ambition is money, fame, and triviality?

According to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, 70% of the more than 25,000 victims of the Israeli aggression are women and children.

Source: Al Jazeera