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Updated Saturday, January 20, 2024-15:35

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"What the world needs is a Donald Trump Presidency," former Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has loudly proclaimed

in his weekly column in

The Daily Mail

, fueling speculation about his own return to politics in the midst of a neo-populist wave. .

"The results of the

Iowa caucuses

have exploded like thunder in all the high-level gathering places,"


writes .

"And the reaction has always been the same: simplicity, gossip, panic."

"I'm told that at the Davos parties, the global


elite began to shake so violently that you could hear the ice cracking in their negroni cocktails," Johnson adds in his explosive, bombastic prose.

"In the Orwellian corridors of the


and much of the British


, there has been an orgy of mewls of loathing and people holding their noses and saying: 'Not him, not that man again'...


The Economist

has said that


is the biggest threat to the world in 2024," recalls the former conservative leader.

"But the big orange blimp is miraculously re-inflating on the other side of the Atlantic (...) Donald Trump is right now the overwhelming favorite to win the Republican nomination and is ahead in the polls to reach the Presidency."

"Reasonable people can see that Trump is not in fact a potential dictator," concludes Johnson, who warns against "legal tricks" to prevent him from being a candidate.

"The more frantic the efforts are to try to stop him, the stronger he becomes," warns the former



"The more bitterly his enemies attack him in court, the more unstoppable he seems."

Making merit to reconquer the title of the

British Trump

, Boris Johnson praises what Trump achieved during his Presidency and very briefly criticizes the violent episode at the Capitol, the former president's legal disputes and the accusations of alleged electoral fraud against Joe Biden that he himself He came to criticize when he was



In his column he assures that Trump will be "a great victory for the world" and predicts that

he will support Ukraine in its war against Russia

, despite his past ties with

Vladimir Putin

and despite having expressed his desire to "end the war." in 24 hours."

Johnson echoes


's recent


to visit


and expresses confidence in a shift in his policy: "I can't just believe that Trump will leave the Ukrainians by the wayside and make a deal with Putin. What "There is a good opportunity to redouble [support for Kiev] and finish what he started, with the supply of Javelin missiles."

"Whatever is said about Trump, I cannot believe that he wants to go down in history as the president who abandoned a country that he himself helped to be free," Johnson finally writes, who says goodbye with a call to the skeptical wing towards Ukraine

Republican Party

: "How do you want to make America great again if you allow the tyrant of Russia to cause total humiliation to the West?"