China News Service, Beijing, January 19 (Reporter Xu Wenxin) The Spring Festival is approaching, the flavor of the year is getting stronger, and the overseas Spring Festival Gala has entered rehearsal time.

Many overseas Chinese interviewed by reporters said that the overseas Spring Festival Gala is a cultural new year product and a window to showcase Chinese culture.

  From the traditional folk music "Jasmine" to the Internet celebrity dance "Subject Three", from Chinese cross talk to foreign rap, the 22nd Canadian Chinese Federation Spring Festival Gala will stage a show between the past and the present, the East and the West on January 27 culture clash.

  "The theme of this Spring Festival Gala is 'Blooming the Future', and most of the programs are completed by Chinese and foreign volunteers, reflecting their blessings and concern for the Spring Festival." Niu Hua, president of the Chinese Federation of Canada, hopes that the Spring Festival Gala will attract more young people and pay tribute to local people. Show the vitality and vitality of the Chinese community.

  "The Spring Festival Gala is a ritual that connects the past and the next." Niu Hua said that 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the "Chinese Exclusion Act" in Canada, and it is also the year of the establishment of Canada's first officially funded Chinese museum.

The Spring Festival Gala will honor the contributors of the Chinese community and donate to the Chinese Museum, encouraging people to move forward side by side and contribute to the Chinese community.

  Canada pursues a multicultural policy and encourages all ethnic groups to protect and promote the culture of their own communities.

Niu Hua said that in June 2016, Canada designated the Chinese New Year as an official holiday.

As the second largest local culture, Chinese culture has become part of Canada's mainstream culture.

  "'The dragons are moving and the beauty is shared'. The 34th Jonker Street New Year Carnival will be held in Malacca, Malaysia in 2024." Gan Tianlu, chairman of the Jonker Street Working Committee, said that he wants to hang up 1,000 lights before the Spring Festival. Red lanterns with a diameter of 1 meter, and held celebration activities such as the "China-Malaysia Friendship Dragon Dance" ceremony during the Spring Festival.

  The "China-Malaysia Friendship Dragon" is about 190 meters long, and the dragon head alone weighs 60 kilograms. The Malaysian Book of Records lists it as the "largest dragon dance event".

Gan Tianlu said that the dragon dance, with the theme of the glorious stripes of Malaysia and the five-star red flag of China, is of great significance to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Yan Tianlu and the "Auspicious Dragon of China-Malaysia Friendship".

(Photo provided by interviewee)

  The Dragon Dance adopts a wind-resistant cage design, but its huge size still faces many challenges.

Yan Tianlu said, "Currently, more than a hundred Huazhong students are undergoing dragon dance training. While they enrich the Spring Festival celebrations, they also allow the dragon dance culture to be passed down in the school."

  In Hungary, the "Cultural China·Chinese Stars Shine" New Year Gala will resume offline performances after four years.

  Shi Yanwei, head of the Hungarian Huaxing Art Troupe, introduced that 2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary.

The program of the party will showcase the friendship between the two countries, which not only embodies the "most dazzling national style" but also expresses the "deep Danube love".

  With only half a month left before the show, Shi Yanwei and the staff are still improving the stage background, artistic details and costumes.

"We hope to use a high-quality show to awaken the Spring Festival memories of overseas compatriots, comfort the homesickness of tourists, and also show the charm of Chinese culture to foreign friends." Shi Yanwei said.

  Before the Spring Festival, the teachers and students of the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center in New York are also facing a "busy year".

"We will hold a report performance during the Spring Festival. The program will include Shaolin stunts, traditional Chinese medicine, calligraphy and other content, and incorporate customs such as worshiping ancestors and giving out red envelopes." said Lan Chaohai, director of the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center in New York.

  "The unique skills and profound cultural connotations of Shaolin Kung Fu are deeply loved by overseas people. Since November, I have received performance invitations from all walks of life. Many of them are unable to attend due to schedule reasons." Lan Chaohai said that at the Kung Fu Center, the local Half are students and half are Chinese students. Many foreign parents will also participate in the report performance to feel the Chinese New Year flavor and family affection.