Ugo Pascolo 3:43 p.m., January 18, 2024

If the snow will disappear from most of the departments where it paralyzed traffic this Thursday morning, motorists must be extra careful during the evening, but also on Friday morning.

The cause is the refreezing on the road.

Europe 1 takes stock of this phenomenon.

After the freeze...the refreeze.

If patches of ice and snow severely disrupted traffic in a large northern third of the country this Thursday morning, with more than twenty departments on orange alert, we will have to be just as vigilant on the road Thursday evening and Friday in start of the day, going to work.

The reason is the refreezing.

This phenomenon, which is aptly named, is quite simply the freezing of something that has thawed.

In this case the snow and ice which were on part of the French roads. 


Snow and ice: transport, roads... Update on the disruptions in the northern half of France

A barely visible danger

Concretely, with the rise in temperatures during the day on Thursday, these undesirables melt.

But the night from Thursday to Friday will see negative temperatures arrive again.

The melted water which has not had time to dry will therefore refreeze on the roads, making the impacted roads (once again) difficult to pass.

A phenomenon which calls for even more caution as it will be difficult to see areas of refreezing on the road. 

Météo-France indicates, however, that the risks of refreezing are greater "where the snow has held on to the ground".

The organization also specifies that refreezing on wet roads is expected in "Normandy, Hauts-de-France, Île-de-France and the North-Eastern regions".