The rocket is ready for launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

Also on the space flight is Swedish Marcus Wandt, who has with him a music list which, according to tradition, is made public before he leaves.

And on that list is Victor's self-produced song

To the galaxies we go.

- I got a feeling.

At first I made it in Swedish, but he suggested that I make an English version.

It feels so cool that it will accompany him up to the space station, says Victor Jungegård.

Can imagine becoming an astronaut

Marcus Wandt is a close friend of Victor's mother.

Victor himself looks up to Marcus and wouldn't mind following in his footsteps.

- But it is difficult to become an astronaut and release my music at the same time, says Victor Jungegård.

Maybe you can produce music in space?

- Maybe that, that would be something, he laughs.

Number three in the order

During his two weeks on the International Space Station, Marcus Wandt will conduct an experiment on stem cells for Uppsala University and one on ergonomics for KTH.

In addition to that, he will also participate in around twenty international experiments in weightlessness together with his three astronaut colleagues.

Marcus Wandt becomes the third Swede in space after Christer Fuglesang (2006) and Jessica Meir (2019).