The Houthis recently attacked several ships that they said were linked to Israel or America providing support to Tel Aviv (Anatolia - Archives)

The "Houthi" group in Yemen announced that it targeted and directly hit an American ship in the Gulf of Aden, in the latest naval attack in the region of strategic importance.

The military spokesman for Ansar Allah "Houthis", Yahya Saree, said on the "X" platform that the group's fighters targeted the American ship "Kim Ranger" with naval missiles in the Gulf of Aden and hit it directly.

The spokesman added that the response to what he described as American and British attacks is “inevitably coming,” as he put it.

Sarie reiterated "the continuation of navigation traffic in the Arab and Red Bahrain to all destinations except the ports of occupied Palestine."

A statement issued by the Yemeni Armed Forces

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

the Almighty said: {And fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not aggress. Indeed, God does not like aggressors.} God Almighty has spoken the truth.

With the help of God Almighty and a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people in the Strip…

- Brigadier General Yahya Saree (@army21ye) January 18, 2024

Earlier, the British Maritime Trade Operations Authority said on Thursday that it had received a report about an incident 115 nautical miles southeast of the city of Aden in Yemen, and added in a warning note that the authorities were investigating the matter.

For its part, Ambrei Maritime Security said in a memorandum it issued that a tanker of chemical products flying the flag of the Marshall Islands reported what was described as a “suspicious approach” of drones southeast of Aden.

During the past weeks, the Houthis in Yemen launched attacks on ships in the Red Sea that they said were linked to Israel and American ships that support Tel Aviv in its ongoing war on the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, the United States and Britain launched several rounds of raids against Houthi sites in Yemen, which they said were targeting the group's missile capabilities to protect global shipping traffic in the region.

Last Wednesday, Washington announced the re-listing of the Houthis in Yemen as a “global terrorist organization,” in light of the recent attacks launched by the group on ships in the Red Sea.

Source: Al Jazeera