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The AfD politician Queckemeyer is said to have called for violence against the Greens

Photo: Philip Dulian / dpa

In Lower Saxony, an AfD member of parliament comes into the focus of the investigative authorities after an incident in the state parliament.

As the public prosecutor announced, the AfD man Marcel Queckemeyer is being investigated.

It's about suspicion of threats, said a spokeswoman for the prosecution.

The background is an incident that is said to have occurred during a lunch break at a parliamentary session in December.

As NDR reported at the time, Queckemeyer is said to have verbally attacked Green Party politicians Djenabou Diallo-Hartmann and Eva Viehoff in the foyer of the state parliament.

The sentences were said: “The Greens must be voted out.

You have to step on them and then walk away.”

After clear criticism in the state parliament, Queckemeyer admitted to having verbally attacked the politicians.

»I made a wrong choice of words here.

If MPs felt insulted or even threatened by this, then I would like to apologize," the politician was quoted as saying by NDR.

His choice of words also suggests violence.

The AfD then announced that the matter had been completed for them with Queckemeyer's pardon.

The Greens, however, announced that they would examine further legal steps.

The AfD MP Queckemeyer from the Osnabrück district had already attracted attention at a state parliament meeting last September.

At that time he had to leave the plenary hall after three calls for order from the presidium.

Proceedings against another AfD MP from Lower Saxony

According to NDR, Queckemeyer is not the only AfD representative who is being investigated.

Accordingly, proceedings are also underway against the Wilhelmshaven AfD MP Thorsten Moriße at the public prosecutor's office for hate crimes in Göttingen.

The case is about suspicion of sedition.

Moriße is said to have written on Facebook about an alleged attack on a girl by people with a migration background.

However, the incident is said to have never occurred.