The space shuttle is ready for a new planned departure to the space station ISS from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, on Thursday evening at 22:49, Swedish time.

Wednesday's planned space trip was moved forward as more time was needed to complete certain safety tests, including checking the parachutes, says SVT's US correspondent Fouad Youcefi on site in Florida.

It is something that is not entirely unusual.

- We have not heard if there are any problems you have encountered, but you have expressed it as simply needing more time, he says in SVT Morgonstudion.

Marcus Wandt: "No problem reloading"

For astronaut Marcus Wandt, "it's no problem to reload", he wrote on Wednesday evening in a text message to Fouad Youcefi.

"This is part of flying into space."

At the moment, there has been no talk of any problems or any weather-related obstacles.

There is a gap on Thursday evening, and the long space flight of 36 hours looks like it will end, says Fouad Youcefi.

The journey up to the space station is arranged by Axiom space in collaboration with the American space agency Nasa and Spacex.